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Tricomin Clinical Hair Care

Consider how many products you’ve purchased for your skin—cleansers, moisturizers, serums, mists, and everything in between. So why do we not do the same for our scalp? Tricomin Clinical was founded on the idea that scalp and hair-strand wellness are fundamentally linked and one cannot thrive without the health of the other. Tricomin’s 3-step system works to target both hair and scalp health and deliver the necessary elements to build symbiotic vitality for hair and scalp wellness.


Tricomin Clinical has “skin-ified” hair care. And just as in skincare, science makes all the difference and widens the gap between the conventional and the unconventional when it comes to hair and scalp health. Tricomin Clinical was founded on the philosophy that if you treat the scalp with the same dedication as skincare, hair vitality is sure to follow. Long before the patented Triamino Copper Complex® was formulated into products, it won scientific recognition for its breakthrough thinking and wide variety of uses. At the time, most solutions for fragile hair focused only on the hair strands, but Tricomin’s scientists reasoned that scalp and hair-strand wellness were inexplicably connected and, fundamentally, each had to function at maximum levels to keep the other strong. Based on scientific observations, innumerable trial studies and patient insights, Tricomin developed their 3-step hair care regimen to deliver an advanced health system of copper peptides, amino acid complexes, antioxidants and nutrients deliberately and precisely formulated for hair and scalp wellness.

Hair Care Treatments

Good things come in 3’s, as does Tricomin’s 3-step hair care system. After using Tricomin’s Densifying Shampoo and Reinforcing Conditioner, finish your daily hair & scalp wellness routine with the Tricomin Clinical Energy Spray. This dynamic leave-in conditioner spray contains Triamino Copper Complex®, a patented peptide blend of copper and amino acids. With its delivery of essential-wellness nutrients, your hair will appear thicker, stronger and healthier