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Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics

Providing high quality natural mineral makeup and cosmetic products has always been the mission of Youngblood's President and Founder, Pauline Youngblood. As all mineral makeup are not created equal, Youngblood Mineral Makeup was developed by doctors for use in a medical setting, perfect for all skin types and tones as well as safe for use by all ages. The products are extremely easy to use, lasts longer than other makeup brands, and defiant against excessive heat, humidity, and perspiration.


As a medical esthetician in her earlier career, Pauline Youngblood came in constant contact with patients who had severely traumatized skin from various procedures such as laser treatments and cosmetic surgeries, and traumatized skin from acne, rosacea, and other skin issues. Often, these skin conditions take up to six months before returning to normal, and the available makeup options to help cover up and heal the skin were simply not available. Working with chemists and came up with a solution: makeup products that not only cover up raw, inflamed, and discolored skin while allowing it to breathe and heal naturally.

Mineral Makeup Highlight

Use Youngblood natural loose mineral foundation to create that naturally flawless look you've always wanted. The ultra-fine and luxurious powder provides enough buildable coverage without the glimmer or shimmer. Youngblood Pressed Mineral Foundation gives superior concealing and oil-controlling properties to help cover up fine lines and enlarged pores.