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What makes the original beautyblender® different? The original BeautyBlender offers exclusive material that is plush and designed to absorb moisture. Allowing makeup to sit on the surface of the sponge, the BeautyBlender allows for even blending with foundation, concealer, and other face products. Its original egg shape allows product to be blended smoothly on small to large surface areas, creating a flawless application that eliminates lines and streaks unlike other products and sponges. The BeautyBlender has been constructed with an open-cell structure so that it may only hold product that is necessary for the perfect makeup application. The beauty tool that revolutionized the beauty industry forever. 


Before the BeautyBlender was invented, the journey to its creation is one to admire. Rea Ann, the founder of BeautyBlender, began her early career as a makeup artist working with musician Rod Stewart. A few years after, she collaborated with renowned photographer, Annie Leibovitz, and fellow actors, Chris Rock and Chris Tucker, building her resume with a list of celebrated characters. In 2002, Rea Ann changed the makeup industry forever with a sketch that conceptualized the legendary BeautyBlender you see today. Fast forward to 2014, the BeautyBlender is first featured in Sephora and is celebrated in New York Times Square. Revolutionary. 

BeautyBlender Products

The Original BeautyBlender revolutionized the makeup industry. Fashioned into a unique shape crafted from exclusive material, you’ll enjoy streak-free application with minimal product waste for a look that’s impeccable. It works great with primer, foundation, cream blushes, powders, concealer, and any other complexion enhancing product. The open cell structure of this exclusive patented design fills with small amounts of water once wet, keeping your makeup from absorbing inside. It’s safe, water-soluble, reusable, and gives you a completely flawless look unlike any other.


beautyblender Pro


Take your beauty routine to the next level with beautyblender Pro! This award-winning reusable, edgeless beauty tool gives you the ability to create high-definition looks, all with the smashing pro-favored color of black. With the same aqua-activated...

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