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CoSMedix Skin Care

Nobel Prize-winning technologies combined with pure botanical ingredients is a formula for success when it comes to COSMEDIX skincare. Constantly searching for the best plant ingredients and essential oils, they enhance their formulations with maximum efficacy without any artificial colors or fillers. These formulas help to provide the most essential parts of cell rejuvenation and skin restoration to complete the skin matrix support system. As the paths of science and nature collide, COSMEDIX erupts as the most trusted brand among estheticians, physicians, and skin enthusiasts.


Founded in America in 1999 by Dr. Ben Johnson, Nurse McIntosh, and Aesthetician Mcrae, CosMedix was founded upon the need for non-laser hyperpigmentation and melasma treatments. Motivated to invent a solution that catered to the skin's needs, the professionals worked with cosmetic chemists and created an essential solution to every skin concern.

Skin Care Treatments

CosMedix Defy is a refreshing, all-natural exfoliator that works while hydrating the skin at the same time. Formulated with three chirally correct hydroxy acids, the gentle exfoliator deeply penetrates to deliver nutrients into multiple layers of skin to calm and revitalize aging skin. Great for all skin types including sensitive skin, Defy is especially beneficial for those with dry, damaged skin. Apply in the evening for a softer, smoother appearance. 

CosMedix Clarity Serum


Perfect for oily and breakout-prone skin, CosMedix Clarity skin-clarifying serum is packed with the power of naturals to stimulate collagen production, balance oil production, control breakouts, and diminish the appearance of blemish scars. Clarity's...

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CosMedix Purity Clean


Great as both a cleanser and purifying mask, CosMedix Purity Clean works to gently exfoliate and decongest pores, cleansing the skin of impurities and surface oil – an essential for those with problematic skin. Apply morning or night as a cleanser,...

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CosMedix Serum 16


CosMedix Serum 16 rejuvenates aging skin for a younger-looking appearance, reducing fine lines, crow's feet, and wrinkles. Containing 16% LG-Retinex, a GAG-enhanced complex of micro-encapsulated retinol, Serum 16 boosts collagen production and promotes...

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CosMedix Pure C


Experience the potent power of 100% pure L-ascorbic acid with CosMedix Pure C's unique crystal mixing powder. Readily absorbed into the skin, Pure C can be blended into any moisturizer or serum to brighten and firm the skin while preventing premature...

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CosMedix Cell ID


CosMedix Cell ID is a restorative serum with all the necessary ingredients to reduce, repair, and prevent the signs of pre-mature aging. Achieve a more youthful appearance with the help of Cell ID, packed full of growth factors, enzymes, antioxidants,...

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CosMedix Purity Balance


Achieve a shine-free and clear complexion with the natural ingredients of CosMedix Purity Balance. Specially formulated for oily and acne-prone skin with a blend of tea tree oil, lactic acid and salicylic acid, this cleansing toner soothes and cools...

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CosMedix Affirm


If you are looking to reduce and prevent fine lines and wrinkles, look no further than CosMedix Affirm! Loaded with more than ten skin-specific antioxidants to defend against collagen and elastin damage and formulated with a perfect chirality, Affirm's...

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CosMedix Define


CosMedix Define combines a blend of Retinol and AHA's to reduce the appearance of imperfections while evening skin tone and encouraging skin renewal. This vitamin A rich resurfacing cream hydrates and exfoliates while a 2% AGP Complex deeply penetrates...

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CosMedix Simply Brilliant


CosMedix Simply Brilliant is a gentle yet powerful brightening serum that works to create a more balanced tone by gently exfoliating, diminishing dark spots and discoloration without the use of Arbutin or Hydroquinone. Loaded with ten plant-based skin...

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CosMedix Lumi Crystal Lip Hydrator


Give your lips luxurious age-defying hydration with CosMedix Lumi Crystal Lip Hydrator. Infused with liquid crystal technology, the delicate lip area gets plumped-up and softened to the max, smoothing away fine lines and wrinkles. Transform your lips...

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CosMedix Emulsion


Made of a unique liquid crystal formulation, CosMedix Emulsion provides deep moisturizing effects to prevent and alleviate irritation following harsh exfoliation. Enhanced with shea butter and jojoba oil, Emulsion works to replenish and revive dry,...

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CosMedix Mystic


Providing D20 in the place of pore-clogging oils, CosMedix Mystic is the ultimate noncomedogenic moisturizer formulated for oily and acne-prone skin. This refreshing hydrating treatment offers maximum hydration and protection for problematic skin when...

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CosMedix C.P.R.


It only takes a dab of CosMedix C.P.R. skin recovery serum to begin working to quickly calm inflamed, irritated skin in just minutes - witness a total transformation in just weeks! Formulated from a concentrated blend of antioxidants, soothing naturals,...

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CosMedix Refine


CosMedix Refine reduces the signs of premature aging, improving skin tone and texture, and restoring life to environmentally damaged skin. Combining key amino acids and potent moisturizers with 4% AGP Complex, this powerful refinishing treatment...

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CosMedix Radiance


Add visible radiance instantly with CosMedix Radiance, a nourishing repair serum formulated for mature and sensitive skin. This rich serum is formulated with a blend of collagen growth stimulators and supportive remodeling ingredients that stimulate...

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CosMedix Phytoharmony


CosMedix Phytoharmony is a supercharged ultra-emollient cream formulated especially for women who suffer from dry, hormonal, mature skin. This elastin and collagen stimulating formula works to balance hormonal, aging skin and fight loss of elasticity...

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CosMedix Defy


CosMedix Defy is a refreshing, all-natural exfoliator that works while hydrating the skin at the same time. Formulated with three chirally correct hydroxy acids, the gentle exfoliator deeply penetrates to deliver nutrients into multiple layers of skin to...

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