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Over time, the muscles of the face become weaker, allowing skin to sag and lose its natural elasticity. With the use of countless skin care regimens, there is no escape from the amount of stress evident above the epidermis, reinforcing the option of surgery versus living amidst permanently wrinkled skin. NuFACE® took matters into their own hands and devised a system that changed the dilemma of aging skin forever.


Originating in Carlsbad, California, The Carol Company was established in November 2000. A leading pioneer in microcurrent technology, this company was formed to create and market new products such as the NuFACE® device. The NuFACE® device was first and foremost invented by Carol Cole, a licensed cosmetologist working in the aesthetics industry since 1983, and with microcurrent since 1985. The birth of the Carol Cole Company and FDA approved NuFACE® device are her proud ways of expressing enthusiasm towards offering innovative skin toning devices.

Skin Care Treatments

NuFACE® devices utilize Microcurrent Technology along with advanced proprietary engineering to devise a convenient, hand-held facial toning instrument that effectively strengthens and restructures. Soft and gentle waves ease away tightened muscles and restore them back to their natural state, allowing the face to be dramatically lifted and firmed to a younger appeal. The microcurrent is not only lifting, but also improving circulation to the face while encouraging collagen production for a definite and youthful makeover.