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Philosophy Skin Care

Philosophy is a wellbeing beauty brand where science and inspiration collide. Harnessing dermatological science and the natural essence of nature to transform skin, Philosophy helps to inspire gorgeous days with wonderful scents, words of poetry, and philanthropic initiatives that continue to support and prioritize mental health.


The unique beauty of Arizona inspired Philosophy founder, Cristina Carlino, and changed her life forevermore. In 1996, Carlino hiked Camelback Mountain and a rainbow appeared, motivating her to birth Philosophy. She continued to learn throughout her journey that day that only resilient plants can survive in the desert's environment. Fascinated by this amazing occurrence, she partnered with scientists in dermatology to bring groundbreaking formulas alive with the highest quality ingredients, scents, and unique textures to provide skin health at its best. Philosophy then came to life as a personal well-being company that focuses on gratitude, simplicity, and balance. On that historic day, the outcome of her experience provided her with the best gift of all: a feeling that we are all connected to one another, and maybe even, something bigger.

Skin Care Treatments

Simply your beauty routine…that’s our philosophy! With philosophy Shower Gel in an array of splendid fragrances, you’ll create a divine cleansing experience. Designed to function as a shampoo, shower gel, and bubble bath, it pulls triple duty to moisturize, leaving skin and hair feeling softer than ever. Plus, with the lip-smacking scents, skin and hair care becomes more delicious and delightful than ever!