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Jack Black Skin Care

With cruelty-free products, fine ingredients, and modern technologies, the cosmetic-free brand is at the forefront of lightweight and superior, men's skin care. Jack Black is a brand founded in 2000, to provide a product that was unavailable to men in the skin care marketplace during its time. With the lack of premium-quality and high-performance grooming products for men, Jack Black was introduced.


Jack Black co-founders Curran Dandurand and Emily Dalton, left their corporate careers in the global beauty industry to explore the possible solutions for men’s grooming. Black, Dalton, and Dandurand, set out to pioneer a lane for men’s skincare, focusing on a solution that removes the hassle of using excessive products while reducing time in front of the mirror. Over the years, the three founders went from working in their homes, to operating in a massive 27,000 square-foot office warehouse. Growing into a wide distribution network through partnership and collaboration with JetBlue, the NFL, NBA, and MLB, Jack Black has built solid rapport with clients that no longer think twice about prioritizing skin care.

Skin Care Treatments

Enhance your skin’s appearance while protecting it from the damaging rays of the sun with Jack Black Double Duty Face Moisturizer SPF 20. This lightweight formula is an emollient moisturizer that gives lasting hydration, improves the look of your skin, and guards it from UVA and UVB rays as well as blue light and pollution exposure. Avobenzone absorbs UVA while octinoxate absorbs UVB. Rounded out with blue algae extract to keep skin supple and soothed, sea parsley to prevent irritation, phospholipids to bind moisture and strengthen the skin barrier, and plenty of powerful antioxidants, your skin will always look refreshed while staying protected.

Jack Black

Jack Black Wax Pomade


Get moldable hold with Jack Black Wax Pomade. With a naturally shiny finish, it polishes and controls hair so frizz can be tamed and smooths it into the style of your choosing. With a lightweight texture, it’s ideal for use on beards and mustaches...

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Jack Black

Jack Black Turbo Body Scrub


Made for the man that multi-tasks, Jack Black Body Scrub has the same invigorating scent as Turbo Wash® to help scrub dead skin away, serve as a muscle soak, and moisturize the skin. With three mineral-rich biodegradable salts that include Hawaiian...

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