Over-the-Counter Rosacea Skincare Products

20th Mar 2018

When you are diagnosed with a medical condition, it’s frustrating on many levels. Especially so for skin conditions like rosacea. Not only is there no cure, but you must also change your lifestyle in order to help treat it. And on bad days when it flares up, you probably don’t feel very attractive.

With proper remedies from your doctor, a change in your eating habits, and by using the right skincare products, you can keep rosacea from flaring up and ruining your life. Your doctor will likely prescribe some creams and antibiotics to help you, but the rest is up to you. Ignoring the early stages of rosacea will lead it to becoming worse and even more unsightly so take charge of it now before it’s too late.

What is Prosacea used for?

Prosacea is just one over-the-counter treatment you can use to soothe rosacea. You don’t need a prescription for it but it is said to work just as well as creams and ointments that come with a prescription. This OTC cream controls the pimples, redness, irritation and bumps that come with rosacea. You can easily find it at most retailers. Some people with rosacea try this first to see if it can help but be sure you seek medical treatment first. You don’t want it to progress and become a worse problem.

What skincare products are best for rosacea?

In addition to treating rosacea properly with ointments and antibiotics, it’s important to care for your skin the right way. Because rosacea makes the skin ultra-sensitive, it’s best to find natural formulations that are designed for sensitive skin types. Like the creams from your doctor, it might take some trial and error to find the best one for you. Generally speaking, you should look for formulations with more natural ingredients and that are free of irritants.

Chamomile, green tea, and aloe are just some examples of skin-soothing ingredients that seem to bring relief to those with rosacea. It’s also important to keep the skin barrier strong and replenished, which is a fine line to walk without clogging pores. Try testing out a small spot on your skin to see how it reacts with your chemistry before using it all over your face. Trying out samples of sensitive skin products on your earlobe before going to bed is a great way to see if there’s irritation without it being all over your face.

For the best in sensitive skincare that many with rosacea have found relieving, check out these products for rosacea by great brands like Phytomer, Eminence, iS, and more.

Don’t forget to use a gentle cleanser with lukewarm water. Hot water can dry out even normal skin. Pat your skin dry with a soft, clean towel and then use the rosacea cream prescribed by your doctor first. Let the medicated cream absorb into your skin for a few minutes first and then follow up with your sensitive skin moisturizer. 


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