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About Us

Shopper Award

Founded in 2010, we are a family & friends-owned small business based in Orange County, California in the United States of America. All of our products sold on our website are 100% authentic and guaranteed by the manufacturers' warranties. In fact, we encourage you to contact any of the brands sold on our website to verify that we are, indeed, an authorized retailer. Not many competitor websites can stand behind this guarantee.

We ship all of our products directly to you from our warehouse in Anaheim, California. When you shop with us, you are supporting a small business, the backbone of America, and not the many multi-billion-dollar conglomerates out there.

Led by the vision and leadership of our Medical Director, Dr. Charles A. Leroy, MD, and his wife, Gail Leroy, RN, we understand that there are so many choices out there when it comes to the care of your skin and, ultimately, the care of your overall well-being. 

Dr. Charles A. Leroy, MD, is a graduate of the Georgetown School of Medicine with specialized training in Molecular Biology and over 50 years experience in health and wellness. He is a Certified Age Management Specialist and an Associate Member of the California Academy of Cosmetic Surgery. He established a well-known and well-respected medical practice in Los Angeles County over 30 years ago, and his medical practice is still operating today. His knowledge, research, and practice in skincare and wellness medicine are important, crucial, and vital parts in his management of BeautifiedYou.


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