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Nutrafol is dedicated to transforming the conversation around hair health by empowering individuals with scientifically-backed solutions that address the root causes of hair thinning and shedding. The brand's mission is to provide holistic, personalized approaches to hair wellness, prioritizing natural ingredients and cutting-edge research to support overall well-being and sustainable hair growth.


Founded in 2015 by Giorgos Tsetis, Roland Peralta, and Sophia Kogan, MD, Nutrafol emerged from personal struggles with hair loss and a shared vision of creating an innovative, integrative approach to hair health. The founders combined their expertise in science, medicine, and wellness to develop a brand that offers more than just hair growth products. They sought to create a comprehensive hair wellness system that addresses the various factors affecting hair health, from stress and hormones to nutrition and environment.

Since its inception, Nutrafol has grown into a leading name in the hair wellness industry, garnering accolades for its commitment to transparency, quality, and efficacy. The brand's pioneering spirit and dedication to rigorous scientific research have earned it a loyal customer base and recognition from dermatologists, trichologists, and health professionals worldwide.

What Makes Nutrafol Unique

Nutrafol stands out in the crowded hair care market due to its holistic approach and commitment to excellence. Their products address multiple root causes of hair health, including genetics, stress, hormones, nutrition, and environmental factors, promoting overall well-being alongside hair growth.  A key aspect of Nutrafol's uniqueness is its scientifically-backed formulations. The brand invests heavily in research and clinical studies, ensuring each ingredient is selected for its proven benefits and synergistic effects. This results in natural, clinically-tested products that effectively support hair health.  Nutrafol also offers personalized solutions tailored to individual needs. Through their Hair Wellness Quiz, customers can identify specific factors affecting their hair health, allowing for a customized supplement regimen. This personalized approach ensures the most effective solution for each user.  Transparency and quality are central to Nutrafol's values. They provide detailed information about their ingredients and manufacturing processes, ensuring products are free from synthetic fillers, harmful additives, and common allergens. This commitment builds trust and confidence in their products.

Endorsed by leading dermatologists, trichologists, and health professionals, Nutrafol is often recommended as part of a comprehensive hair health approach. By prioritizing innovation, integrity, and customer well-being, Nutrafol leads the hair wellness industry, offering products that enhance hair growth and improve overall health.