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Vichy Skin Care

Each Vichy product is formulated with the unique and powerful Vichy Thermal Spa Water. This beauty water has demonstrated its exceptional soothing and healing properties. Medical director Dr. Haller was profoundly motivated by the necessity of applying medical research to skin care and understood the importance of tailoring skincare formulations that adapted to each specific skin type, hence, cutting edge ingredients were made to create effective formulas that helped every woman achieve her ideal skin. Vichy products are dermatologically tested, as well as allergy tested, and are also tested on sensitive skin.


Dr. Haller, a medical director at the thermal treatment center in Vichy, France, discovered the therapeutic virtues of Vichy Thermal Spa Water on skin in 1931. The unique water originates from the heart of the Auvergne volcanoes more than 2000 years ago and is the heart of all Vichy skin care formulations. With more than 15 rare minerals and antioxidants, this extraordinary water was found to improve skin quality, soothe sensitivity and accelerate the healing of skin wounds. Today, Vichy Laboratoires carry on Dr. Haller’s breakthrough vision and continue to be at the forefront of skin discovery sourced from its original landmark of France.

Skin Care Treatments

Vichy skin care products are designed to help every skin type reach its ideal health and beauty. With a range of products that balance, fortify, hydrate, clarify, soothe, and protect skin, Vichy offers treatments for each individual’s skin care needs. For youthful skin restoration, Vichy LiftActiv Night noticeably reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles as skin elasticity and firmness is improved.

Vichy LiftActiv Supreme Night


Vichy LifeActiv Supreme Night is a dynamic, creamy, overnight, moisturizing treatment that effectively combats the look of aged skin while you sleep. This rich and lavish formulation is apart of the Vichy LiftActiv Product line, which features...

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Vichy Aqualia Thermal Night Spa


NEW Aqualia Thermal Night Spa is the perfect way to endulge in a Spa-like treatment at home! Vichy has developed an overnight formula that not only hydrated and soothes your skin but after one night of use you will notice the very next morning your skin...

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Vichy Dermafinish Setting Powder


Vichy Dermafinish Setting Powder is a transparent setting powder that forms a protective barrier on the surface of skin. Helps strengthen and extend the hold of Dermafinish Corrective Fluid Foundation and Dermafinish Corrective Stick for up to 2 hours of...

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Vichy Aqualia Thermal Power Serum


Vichy Aqualia Thermal Serum is formulated with nutrient-rich Thermal Water and hyluronic Acid to help the skin retain moisture while Aquabioryl is included to form a protective layer and reduce free-radical damage. This serum is ideal for sensative,...

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Vichy Ideal Body Serum-Milk


Hydrate and firm skin from head to toe with Vichy Ideal Body Serum Milk. This impeccable formulation features hyaluronic acid, LHA, and 10 essential oils designed to improve your skin. With jojoba oil, rosehip oil, sunflower oil, and apricot kernel...

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Vichy Idealia Eyes


Vichy Idealia Eye is a 2-in-1: Eye contour and anti-aging treatment ideal for all skin types. It smoothes out fine lines and wrinkles, visibly reduces dark spots, and uses pure caffeine to improve poor circulation in the eye area. This anti-wrinkle...

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Vichy Nutrilogie 2 Intense Cream


Vichy Nutrilogie 2 Intense Cream is an ultra-rich moisturizing cream that provides hydration and 24 hour protection against dryness. Non-greasy, non-sticky formula is enriched with nourishing essential fatty acids and vegetable oils that help skin retain...

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Vichy Idealia Life Serum


Vichy Idealia Life Serum is the prefect way to revitalize any skin type! It works effectively to refine pores, illuminate skin tone, and combat visible signs of age with patented LR2412, and micro-exfoliating LHA. This unique serum can transform...

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