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Biopelle Skin Care

A leader in advanced skincare solutions, Biopelle is committed to providing innovative and effective products backed by licensed health and skincare providers. Biopelle specializes in the use of secretion and eggs from the Cryptomphalus aspera snail, as featured in the TENSAGE Growth Factor and TENSAGE Stem Cell products. Biopelle offers a full range of skincare essentials - professional peels, post-procedure care, daily maintenance, and intensive treatments to combat the noticeable signs of aging - making it the #1 trusted and recognized for cutting-edge technologies, along with scientifically proven formulations. Sold by more than 1,500 physician offices and medical spas throughout North America and Australia, Biopelle continues to lead as an innovator in the skin care industry.


Biopelle holds features in major beauty and lifestyle publications such as: New Beauty, Allure, Marie Claire, Health, Refinery 29, Pop Sugar, Shape, Town & Country, Reader’s Digest, Modern Luxury, Hamptons and more.

Skin Care Treatments

Tensage Soothing Cream Moisturizer stops the signs of aging before they take over with Tensage Soothing Cream Moisturizer. A non-comedogenic cream formulation featuring snail secretion revered for anti-aging properties, it smooths onto the skin to smooth away the early signs of aging. Created for normal to oily skin types, it relieves skin of irritations even from acne medications or dermatological procedures for smoother, softer, more youthful and vibrant skin with every use.