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ReFa Beauty Devices

As one of the world’s leaders in luxurious, precise, at-home spa experiences, ReFa changed the standard of beauty through the soul of Japanese craftsmanship. Our skin is more sensitive and intricate than is within our comprehension which is why ReFa designed their award-wining rollers with the knowledge that simply focusing on bodily sensation could end up overwhelming the skin with stimulation. Instead, ReFa developed their products with precise attention to detail and conducted countless tests and adjustments, such as the angle and positioning of the roller itself, down to the last 1/100 mm. Designed with convenient, cutting edge technology, all ReFa devices are fitted with a built-in solar panel to capture light and generate micro-currents—none of which requires any battery charging. ReFa believes that the time you spend on yourself should be a time of bliss and elation. Using this as their design philosophy, ReFa focuses on sparking joy and pursuing perfection and quality with every use, from the very first time you hold your product, to each and every time you use it.


Founded in 2009, ReFa’s luxurious and high-end beauty devices and skin care products were inspired by the soul of Japanese craftsmanship. Known for their extreme precision and cutting-edge technology, ReFa expanded their sales overseas as a global presence with more than 10 million products sold by the end of 2018. ReFa’s story began with the conception of a single beauty roller that could imitate estheticians’ hand manipulations for an at-home spa experience. Taking into account every single aspect of the ReFa rollers’ construction with unwavering attention to detail, ReFa devices began manufacturing with the precise fit, balance, and comfort for ultimate beauty effectiveness and luxury.

Skin Care Treatments

The best-selling ReFa 4 CARAT is a luxurious, convenient at-home spa experience to tighten and tone the look of contours from your face to your waist. Platinum coated and waterproof, this high-end device uses micro-currents generated from a built-in solar panel to stimulate and massage your face and body contours. Firm, tone, de-puff and relax with the full collection of ReFa devices and skincare products.

Made in Japan



Scoop and sculpt your contours back to perfection with the ReFa Caxa Ray. This unique tool combines micro-rollers and precisely-angled Seagull and Crescent Caxa lines to duplicate the scooping and kneading methods professional estheticians use. The...

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Face, Neck & Décolletage Roller Tighten and tone for a firmer face and neckline area with the ReFa CARAT FACE. This platinum-coated, waterproof, multi-angular roller hits all the right angles of the cheeks, jawline, neck and...

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Eye, Lip & Forehead Roller Tighten and rejuvenate, especially around your eyes and mouth with the ReFa S CARAT. This petite platinum-coated facial roller hits all the right angles to help firm up slackened skin around your eyes and mouth for more...

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Face & Body Roller Get more youthful, firmer, and beautiful skin with the ReFa CARAT. This platinum-coated, waterproof, multi-angular roller hits all the right angles of the face and body with deep manipulations like the professionals use. With...

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ReFa Clear


Enjoy your clearest presentation of all with ReFa CLEAR. This hand-held cleansing tool uses ion cleansing to bring dirt, oil, and makeup residue out of the pores with ease. Using 3D sonic motion, the elliptical brush movement and sonic vibrations from...

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The ReFa Caxa M1 beauty roller combines the curves of a guasha tool to help lift and contour your facial features as well as 4 diamond cut rollers to target fine lines.  The Caxa M1 is a petite roller, smaller than your iPhone, designed for...

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ReFa Cream Wash


For a luxuriously hydrating experience, get ReFa Cream Wash. With a rich lather, it creates a spectacular bubbling foam that covers every contour of your skin on the face, neck and décolletage to completely remove dirt and debris from your pores...

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ReFa for BODY


Hip, Waist & Thigh Roller Get the tightening, toning, and contouring you desire on your body with the ReFa For BODY. This platinum-coated, waterproof, multi-angular roller hits all the right angles of your hips, waist, and thighs with deep...

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ReFa I Style


Forehead, Cheek & Neck Roller Awaken more beautiful skin with the gentle, rhythmical tapping of ReFa I Style. This Double Quatro Roller with Swarovski Crystals mimics the tapping technique professionals use to restore your beauty. The comforting...

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ReFa O Style


Eye, Jawline & Décolletage Roller Relieve your skin and rejuvenate your most delicate features with the ReFa O Style. Simply press and roll with a gentle touch that uses the same drainage techniques and manipulations as professional...

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Face, Neck, Hip & Waist Roller Tighten and tone your contours with the ReFa 4 CARAT. This platinum-coated, waterproof roller hits all the right angles of your contours for a double-kneading technique that tightens and tones all the contours on your...

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