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Somme Institute

In a sea of marketing messages and pseudoscientific lies, Somme Institute is the only brand that tells the truth about the nature of skin. We’re able to do this because we’re a research company that does the difficult scientific work to peer inside the skin and make products that deliver truly dramatic results from the inside out. Through an unparalleled, decade-long series of clinical trials that dwarf industry standards, Somme Institute discovered the single solution to every common skin care concern. The answer lies in Molecular Dispersion Technology 5 or MDT5™, a universally effective vehicle that delivers highly engineered vitamins deep into the skin to dramatically enhance the health of all skin types. Somme Institute products are proven by research dermatologists to improve skin tone, texture, clarity and appearance, eliminate acne blemishes and reverse the effects of sun damage and aging. There is absolutely nothing else like this on the market.