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Jurlique Skin Care

Jurlique has evolved what’s possible from natural skincare.

For over 30 years, Jurlique has grown powerful ingredients on the organic farm based in South Australia, free from synthetic pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers.

Every ingredient that is grown at the Jurlique Farm is renowned for addressing skin care concerns for all walks of life and their unique process unlocks the most powerful qualities of Nature to nurture, harvest, and extract the concentrated botanicals used in their products. Each ingredient, is uniquely designed to enhance skin’s natural radiant glow, under any condition, for any age or environment.


Every ingredient grown at the Jurlique Farm is renowned for addressing specific skin care concerns. They make it their responsibility to harness the potential of their plants to extraordinary effect. To make sure their concentrated botanicals are as effective as possible, Jurlique goes to great lengths to surround them with the most natural conditions. Using organic farming methods free from synthetic pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers to optimize the already rich and fertile soil, Jurlique works in harmony with the seasons to grow botanical ingredients that are naturally powerful and pure. With its unpolluted air and nutrient-rich soil, Jurlique's organic South Australian farm is proof that glowing skin comes from the land – not the lab.

“The land is infinitely more powerful than the lab.” — Ulrike Klein, Co-Founder, Jurlique

Skin Care Treatments

A Jurlique Bestseller. Target the first signs of ageing with the groundbreaking Herbal Recovery ritual. Its exclusive blend of powerful botanicals addresses the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and dullness to leave you with smooth and revitalised skin that visibly glows.