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Jurlique Skin Care

Dr. Jurgen Klein and his wife Ulrike found Jurlique's natural home upon the discovery of the fresh Adelaide Hills in South Australia. Founded upon the promise to create the purest and most beneficial skin care formula on earth, Jurlique maintains this promise every step of the way - from the moment the seed is planted, to the final details of the end product. The Jurlique ritual does more than just nourish the skin, it soothes and nurtures from within the soul. With every drop, with every touch, Jurlique's living energy and uplifting aromas help you reconnect to nature - and to yourself. This is the Jurlique difference. 


Jurlique was founded in 1985 by Jurgen and Ulrike Klein, a German biochemist and botanist that had the dream to create the purest skin care solution on earth. In order to obtain the strongest herbs and botanicals, earth's resources had to be in their most organic nature, hence, Jurlique's first farm nestled in the hills of Adelaide. Ulrike fostered his herbs, while Jurgen formulated and manufactured the products. Now, Jurlique is distributed in more than 20 countries around the world with Adelaide still at the heart of every organic product.

Skin Care Treatments

Jurlique After Sun Replenishing Moisturizing Lotion brings about deep nourishment and hydration to both the face and body after sun exposure. Formulated with Shea, Mango, and Cupuacu butters, this moisturizing lotion smooths, softens, and hydrates the skin. This natural butter-enriched formula smoothly glides over the skin's surface to boost moisture while facilitating a long-lasting, even, sunkissed glow.

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