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B. Kamins Skin Care

B. Kamins is a contemporary spa line that brings together the visible results of clinical skin care with the indulgent spa experience. Industry leaders in the treatment of sensitive, damaged, and hormone-deprived, aging skin, B. Kamins offers a comprehensive skin care line designed and targeted to treat a variety of skin conditions. B. Kamins is formulated to help treat skin types and conditions like menopausal, aging, sun damaged, sensitive, extra dry, acne, and much more. With products containing the highest pharmaceutical-grade ingredients, B. Kamins strives to offer the most advanced in skin care technology and formulation.


B. Kamins was unknowingly created over forty years ago when Ben Kaminsky sought to formulate a product to help with his wife who was just entering menopause and struggled to find a cosmetic or dermatologic product that could reduce the symptoms of hormonal fluctuation on the skin. With the help of an ice fishing trip during a severe, cold Canadian winter, Kaminsky discovered the life-sustaining sap from maple trees made for a prime skin care ingredient. With these two events, the B. Kamins Menopause Skin Cream, one of the first products created, was born. Now a leader in skin care, B. Kamins utilizes their experience in formulating prescription medications to treat skin aging and skin conditions are various stages. B. Kamins strives to provide the most luxurious, stress relieving spa experience with their at-home products.

Skin Care Treatments

Continuing as a forerunner in creating effective solutions to trouble skin conditions unavailable in other skin care lines, B. Kamins revolutionary skin care products are exemplified in their Beyond Botox Facial. The renowned treatment is a healthy, mature skin care routine based on Kaminsky's successful lifestyle book, Beyond Botox: Seven Strategies for Sexy, Ageless Skin without Needles or Surgery. The revolutionary, advanced treatment serves to provide visible results leaving skin firmer, more vibrant, and healthier-looking. Diminishing the look of fine lines, wrinkles, and age spots, the sophisticated anti-aging treatment effectively addresses all aging skin care concerns without the risk of surgery.