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Living Proof Hair Care

Living Proof is the epitome of innovation.

Founded in 2005 by biotech scientists who had no limits in the realm of beauty, they no longer wanted to see limited and conventional products. Shortly thereafter, they revolutionized haircare, dawning a line of silicone-free products that had patented technology born from MIT. After twenty patents and 50 original products, Living Proof has won more than 150 awards for becoming the solution to the toughest problems in haircare. Living Proof continues to break industry barriers and create the best products that transforms not only your look, but entire day.

We are the science. You are the Living Proof®.


Living Proof founders come from backgrounds in medicine, where safety and effectiveness were prioritized. Living Proof was founded by Dr. Robert Langer, Institute Professor of MIT and by Jon Flint and Amir Nashat, who support making scientific discoveries into meaningful products. Research and development at Living Proof requires intensive thought and consideration while maintaining high quality standards. Every product created is made with safety and efficacy, without compromising performance. 

Hair Care Feature

In minutes, protect hair from frizz! The No Frizz Intense Moisture Mask repairs healthy hair's natural protective layer and maximizes frizz protection. This silicone-free mask, deeply conditions coarse hair without being weighed down.  

Living Proof Full Shampoo


Turn your fine, flat hair into fuller, thicker hair with Living Proof Full Shampoo. This special formulation works to gently cleanse while keeping hair cleaner for longer. Ideal for fine and flat hair, it adds lift and bounce to give you more volume,...

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Living Proof Style Lab Blowout


Always look like you’ve just left the salon with a fresh blowout with Living Proof Style Lab Blowout. This styling spray helps you achieve a faster, easier blowout by reducing the amount of brush work to give you long lasting results. Lock in your...

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