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AHAVA Skin Care

Since the beginning of AHAVA's time, AHAVA has made it a point to preserve the delicate environmental state of the Dead Sea region. By creating a system called the Waste Water Return Process, AHAVA is able to allow pure water to return to its natural environment after being used in the process of creating products. AHAVA's manufacturing facility utilizes Dead Sea minerals and natural compounds to concoct pure, skin-hugging products. The way the natural process works - plant-based, the system is modeled after Mother Nature's way of consuming waste; as waste-material is passed through an oxygen-rich environment, it is then decomposed, evaporated through plants, and clean water is finally returned to earth. "We want to keep the Dead Sea region as it is, for the future and for our children." -AHAVA


In 1995, AHAVA's first doors open in Israel, by 2008, AHAVA's brand is born along with its environmentally-friendly factory. With great success, AHAVA then launches its Dermud line---a wide range of unique Dead Sea Mud leave-on masque products. Following their successful launch, the brand worked with renowned European universities, conducting scientific research and proving the positive effects of dead sea minerals on human skin. In 2008, AHAVA celebrates its first launch in Sephora in France. With a powerful voice, Dr. Ze'evi Maor, AHAVA VP of R&D, launches an educational program to educate the young about the importance of prolonging the life of the Dead Sea region and the ongoing hazardous conditions it is currently facing. Paraben-free. Cruelty-free. GMO-free. 

AHAVA Skin Care Treatments

AHAVA Natural Dead Sea Body Mud is a rich mineral based mud used created to repair and rehydrate dry skin. This body mud has been clinically proven to restore the natural balance and moisture levels to maintaining healthy skin. Infused with extremely high concentrates of minerals this body mud has been proven to revitalize and restore skin. AHAVA's black body mud has been scientifically tested resulting in the unique healing properties for joint diseases, relieve arthiritc pain, and replenish chronically irritated skin. A natural detoxifier and purifier, created to remove oil, dirt and toxins from your skin while removing excess sebum and dead skin cells.