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Bloomeffects’ skincare line centers around their ‘Farm-to-Face’ philosophy, providing their customers with truly Clean Beauty—in their own words, ethically sourced, cruelty free and created with care for your skin and the environment. With a heritage in sustainable beauty, Bloomeffects believes in and understands the importance of recycling which is why all of their packaging is made from recycled glass & sawdust. The Bloomeffects skincare line was inspired by Dutch farmers who lead the world in sustainability with their national practice of “twice as much food using half as many resources”, which is why all of their tulips are grown and sourced from the Netherlands.


Bloomeffects founder, Kim Jensen, always dreamed of creating her own skincare line but, even after spending years in the beauty industry, had yet to come across a unique, pure and natural ingredient that provided the kind of groundbreaking visible results she was searching for. That is, until she moved to the Netherlands for love and found her holy-grail ingredient in the fields belonging to her husband---a fourth generation royal tulip farmer. Her range of products & packaging are inspired not only by the vibrant bulbs, but also by the culture, art and history of the Dutch as the tulip remains a national symbol & icon of the Netherlands.

Skincare Treatments

Get the royal skin treatment with the Bloomeffects Royal Tulip Nectar, a healing ointment-to-serum formula that quenches, soothes and nourishes to repair the skin’s barrier. This versatile nectar can be applied anywhere your skin needs some extra love, or can be worn as an intensely moisturizing sleep mask for silky, replenished skin when you wake.