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HUM Nutrition

“We are what we eat” is a saying not heard enough in the beauty industry. We can spend our whole lives applying topical skin treatments and covering up blemishes, but the only real solution for truly healthy skin, hair and nails is full-body nutrition. Breakouts, eczema, dry patches, brittle nails and everything in-between have all been linked to deficiencies within our bodies, be it low hydration, lack of vitamin D, poor digestion, etc. HUM Nutrition knows how hard it can be to receive all of the necessary vitamins & nutrients we require in our everyday lives so they created a full array of daily supplements to address every skin concern and fit every lifestyle--so that you can look your best, and feel even better.


Founded by Chris and Walter, HUM Nutrition was inspired by Walter’s own personal skincare struggles. After years of topical products and prescription treatments, his skin was left scarred and no better than when he had started. He noticed that many of the products and drugs worked only temporarily and were not giving him any long term benefits so he decided to experiment with nutrition and how our daily diets and lifestyles affect our skin. HUM Nutrition was founded and quickly gained popularity and attention as being one of the only businesses of its’ kind in the beauty industry. Taking pride in their clinically-proven and nutritionist-backed formulas, their supplements are meticulously sourced, researched and formulated to ensure that your health is the #1 priority.


The HUM Nutrition Hair Sweet Hair will be your best-kept secret for long, strong and healthy hair. Formulated with high levels of hair-loving ingredients like biotin and folic acid, these vegan berry flavored gummies will support hair health and promote growth. An added bonus: biotin also supports skin and nail health, will zinc assists with follicle health to prevent hair loss.