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Coola Organic Sun Care

COOLA pushes to satisfy every customer's needs and creates high-quality suncare products that compliment any skin type. Based on the idea that people should be just as conscious of what they put on their body, as much as what they put in their body, COOLA consciously incorporated organic, long-lasting ingredients that will protect skin to the best of its ability. With natural and pure components such as nourishing vitamins and antioxidants in each sunscreen, COOLA keeps skin glowing with an incandescent vibrance.


Produced in sunny San Diego, COOLA is taking advantage of new developments in sun science while constantly re-innovating formulas. Up to 97% certified organic and manufactured using solar power, COOLA products have revolutionized the use of plant stem cells and plant phyto-protectors to naturally increase skin sun protection since the year of 2012.

Skin Care Treatments

COOLA offers three different lines of certified organic sun protection, including the newest Plant UV line and reformulated Mineral and Classic collections. Each line is concocted of different active ingredients and offers unique products such as the best-selling COOLA Classic Face Cucumber, made for full UVA/UVB coverage, and the award winning COOLA Mineral Baby, designed for a baby's delicate skin.