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  • Yonka Sensitive Anti-Redness Crème

Yonka Sensitive Anti-Redness Crème

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The Yonka Sensitive Anti-Redness Crème is a "fire-extinguisher" for redness-prone and reactive skin!  Formulated by uniting corrective care and a cosmetic effect, this 2 in 1 cream will drastically change the complexion of those afflicted with redness prone and reactive skins.  This soothing formula uses centella asiaticia and mirabilis jalpa (Marvel of Peru) to regulate inflammation and vascular dilation while visibly reducing the appearance of capillaries, discoloration and redness.  This luxurious skin treatment works whether your irritation is sudden, permanent, diffused or localized.  In addition, to ensure immediate effect this color correcting formula contains natural green pigments that visibly reduce redness.


  • Soothes extremely red and reactive skin for immediate cooling and calming of your complexion.
  • Contains green pigments that immediately offset red skin tone.
  • Formulated without perfume or essential oils. 
  • Paraben free.

Use:  In the morning, after cleansing, apply cream to the face and neck.  You may apply overnight for maximum results.

[ 1.69 fl oz / 50 mL ]

centella asiatica, mirabilis jalapa (Marvel of Peru), natural green pigments, vegetal glycerin, olive phytosqualane, polysaccharides rich in fucose, bisabolol.