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Tan Towel Self Tanners

Tan Towel is the original maker of the patented, award-winning self-tanning towelette Tan Towel. The innovative self-tanning towelettes are pre-infused with a clear tanning formula that leaves skin with a healthy, natural looking glow. Once applied, a sun-kissed tan develops within the skin in hours that lasts for days.


Tan Towel was founded in 1997 and incorporated in 1998 by Lori Braun who began her research in her hometown of Melbourne. The Australian native began Tan Towel to fulfill her dream of creating the ultimate self-tanning product. Eventually moving to the United States, Braun has designed an easy to apply self-tanning line that is odorless and streak-free.

Skin Care Treatments

Tan Towel self-tanning towelettes are formulated with proteins and amino acids similar to those found naturally in the skin to create a flawless natural looking tan without the harsh, damaging sun exposure. Ideal for fair to medium skin tones, the towelettes are designed to exfoliate, tan, and moisturize the skin for a quick and beautiful glow. Tan Towel On the Glow upholds the same integrity of the classic towelettes but are enhanced with Retinol for additional anti-aging skin rejuvenation.

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