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  • PMD Hand & Foot Kit Replacment Discs

PMD Hand & Foot Kit Replacement Discs

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Made with your feet and hands in mind, PMD created this Hand and Foot Kit so that you could have the salon results at home. Included in this kit is 1 small and 1 large Red discs (very coarse) and 2 small and 2 large Black Discs (body only). The relaxing vibrations of the Microdermabrasion process, along with the secret of Aluminum Oxide Crystals will leave you wanting more. So gather up your girls, it's time to throw a mani and pedi party.


  • Low exfoliant level for comfort
  • Included are the percise discs for the best results
  • Ideal for everyone


PMD's all-natural ingredients & Microdermabrasion system encourages cell turnover. Shop PMD products at
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