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Jurlique Skin Care

Jurlique's pure and powerful skin care harnesses the power of nature to give you healthy, radiant skin that visibly glows. Jurlique has been growing, harvesting and extracting concentrated botanicals in the hills of South Australia for over 30 years.


Dr. Jurgen Klein and his wife Ulrike found Jurlique's natural home upon the discovery of the fresh Adelaide Hills in South Australia. Founded upon the promise to create the purest and most beneficial skin care formula on earth, Jurlique maintains this promise every step of the way - from the moment the seed is planted, to the final details of the end product. The Jurlique ritual does more than just nourish the skin, it soothes and nurtures from within the soul. With every drop, with every touch, Jurlique's living energy and uplifting aromas help you reconnect to nature - and to yourself. The Jurlique Glow is recognisable because the skin glows, radiates and is alive. Beauty is more than skin deep it’s a radiance created by the combination of quality skincare, health and wellbeing.”      Ulrike Klein, co-founder

Skin Care Treatments

A Jurlique Bestseller. Target the first signs of ageing with the groundbreaking Herbal Recovery ritual. Its exclusive blend of powerful botanicals addresses the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and dullness to leave you with smooth and revitalised skin that visibly glows.

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