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Your Eyes… Step One to a Perfect Face

Whether an English proverb, a Shakespearean remark, or a DaVinci observation, the fact is that the eyes do in fact mirror our inner being and are clearly an individual’s most distinctive feature.

Through the years, a lot of attention has been lavished on the eyes, often expressed in phrases such as “Look into My Eyes – Betty Davis Eyes – Eyes on Fire – The Eyes Have it!”

With that in mind, proper care of this dynamic and life-expressing asset is a must.

Composed of sensitive and somewhat thin skin, the tissues surrounding the eyes are particularly vulnerable to insult and damage. It can become puffy, dull-appearing and darkened; it can sag and wrinkle; it can take on a botchy appearance. The result is the appearance of tiredness, a loss of brightness, and the sense that we look older than we really are in years

Happily, a number of positive steps can be taken to reverse and even retard the changes I’ve described. Brought to us by some of the most forward-thinking, scientifically-based skin care companies, corrective and preventative programs for the skin of the eyes are readily available:

Look for specially formulated lightweight emulsions for this most delicate and sensitive area of the face – hydrating and anti-oxidant products soothe and calm, relieve sensitivity, and reduce redness;

Synergistic combinations of cosmeceuticals such as caffeine, licorice, red tea flavinoids, and glycolic acid de-puff, tighten, and brighten the skin around the eyes, while at the same time protecting against environmental damage and visible signs of premature aging such as fine lines and wrinkles;

Peptide growth factors, hyaluronic acid and alpha-hydroxy acid-based products target damaged areas to Renew, Replenish and Regenerate skin;

Specially formulated eye-repair combinations of Vitamin C, copper peptide growth factors, and substances such as kinetin and zeatin work to eliminate blotchiness while restoring texture and tone to sun-damaged skin, strengthening thin delicate skin to produce a more youthful, awake appearance in the eyes;

Recall Charles Revlon’s promise of HOPE – modern skin care therapies certainly offer hope – and more. It should be amply apparent that eye care intervention is readily available, effective, and worth the effort. There is no need to wait. Express your soul. And remember, someone has their EYE on you!