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Your Eyes… Step One to a Perfect Face

Whether an English proverb, a Shakespearean remark, or a DaVinci observation, the fact is that the eyes do in fact mirror our inner being and are clearly an individual’s most distinctive feature.Through the years, a lot of attention has been lavished on the eyes, often expressed in phrases such as “Look into My Eyes – Betty Davis Eyes – Eyes on Fire – The Eyes Have it!”With that in mind, proper care of this dynamic and life-expressing asset is a must.Composed of sensitive and somewhat thin skin
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Demystifying Skin Care

Cosmeceuticals are the new kids on the Dermatological block and boy have they made an impact! Hybrids of cosmetics and drugs (pharmacologicals), cosmeceuticals are intended to enhance the health and beauty of skin – and they do.. The very concept of the cosmeceutical was developed by Dr. Albert Klingman who stated that “The Cosmeceuticals are topical agents that are distributed across a broad spectrum of materials lying somewhere between pure cosmetics (lipstick and rouge) and pure drugs (penici
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