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Cure Chapped Lips for a Kissable Pout

Along with dry skin, the harsh conditions of winter cause painful chapped lips. As much as you try to protect your body, inevitably your lips remain vulnerable to the sun, wind, dry air, and low temperatures. Additionally, your lips have only a thin layer of skin, which makes it easier to loose moisture. In fact, you tend to lose more than ten times as much moisture through your lips than anywhere else. However, you do not have to suffer through the entire season with unkissable lips. Follo
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Skincare Tips for the Winter

As fall begins to fade and winter starts to wind up, it’s time for us to break out our tried and true skin care tips. Although we certainly don’t mind the ice skating and hot chocolate sipping that comes along with the winter weather, the reality of the season is that it’s not quite as fun for our face. Between the freezing cold temperatures outside and the blasting heat inside, our skin needs some extra attention during these harsher months. Exfoliate. It’s easy to get carried away with polish
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