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Skin Care Resolutions for the New Year

With the holidays and all of 2012 behind us, it’s time for us to start making our annual list of New Year’s resolutions–and this time we really mean it! Even though we can’t help but to include losing weight or saving money on our list, this year we’re also vowing not to forget about our skin either. Even the most beauty-conscious woman occasionally forgets to put on her sunscreen daily or skips out on an exfoliation or two, but we’re positive you never do. In the spirit of the New Year, however, here are our best resolutions to Renew, Replenish, and Rejuvenate™ your skin:

  1. Moisturize Post-Shower. Unwinding from the harsh winter weather with a nice, warm shower may be good for the soul, but it’s not quite as great for your skin. Replenish your skin of its natural oils, often washed away during showers, with face creams and body lotions. A perfect substitute for your skin’s oils, make sure to apply them within 10 minutes of drying off for optimum moisture retention.
  2. Clean Your Brushes. Over time, makeup and skin oils can build up on your brushes to cause bacteria to grow, often resulting in skin irritation or, even worse, breakouts. Ideally, you should clean your brushes once a week but, let’s face it, hardly anyone has time for that. Instead, be sure to thoroughly wash your brushes once monthly with a brush cleaner.
  3. Remove Your Makeup. You and I, and just about every woman out there, knows that we need to remove our makeup before we sleep. But after a long days work or a night out, and with the sink so very far away, it gets tough, we understand. Steer clear of the situation by getting yourself in the habit of removing your makeup the second you get home. Once in the habit, you’ll notice clearer, healthier skin.

Keep these tips in mind as you begin the New Year with a fresh start. Also, be sure to follow DermaShoppe on Facebook and Pinterest for the latest updates and beauty tips.