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10 Reasons Why You’re Aging Faster Than You Should Be

While there’s nothing wrong with getting older, we certainly can’t say we’re in any rush. But between long days at work and hectic hours at home, it’s no wonder why we’re aging faster than we should be. Here are the top ten reasons why you’re aging faster than you should and how you can prevent it:You’re not drinking enough water. Dehydrated skin tends to be flaky and less resilient, which often results in skin more prone to wrinkling. Drinking water, however, will help to soften and detoxify im
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Skin Care Resolutions for the New Year

With the holidays and all of 2012 behind us, it’s time for us to start making our annual list of New Year’s resolutions–and this time we really mean it! Even though we can’t help but to include losing weight or saving money on our list, this year we’re also vowing not to forget about our skin either. Even the most beauty-conscious woman occasionally forgets to put on her sunscreen daily or skips out on an exfoliation or two, but we’re positive you never do. In the spirit of the New Year, however
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5 Reasons to Regularly Exfoliate

Exfoliate. It is something that often comes up when discussing skin care regime, but is it really something to add to your routine? The answer is a definite YES, no matter your skin type. Regular exfoliation benefits every skin type, from oily to dry, and there are numerous reasons to jump on board the exfoliation train. Here are the 5 most compelling:Diminish Acne and Blemishes: Exfoliating removes dry skin cells that build up and create a barrier that traps oil and causes breakouts. It al
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