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Winter Skincare Tips: Keep Your Glow from Head to Toe

Winter Skincare Tips: Keep Your Glow from Head to Toe

When the holidays have come and gone and—gasp!—you may have indulged and imbibed a bit too much, it might be time to step up your skincare game. Luckily, there’s a lot you can do to shed any winter doldrum dullness and recapture that gorgeous glow. Here are just a few tips to keep you looking luminous and lovely when the weather outside is frightful.

Since skincare begins from the inside out, you need to start at the source by replenishing your fluids. Guzzle that water like nobody’s business, making sure you get at least a gallon a day down the hatch. Fresh fruits and veggies are also key, giving you the vitamins and nutrients you need to put some color back into those cheeks.

Next, you may want to consider turning down the thermostat and opting for a sweater instead. Not only will you be conserving energy, but you’ll also be allowing your skin to behave naturally. Especially for those who have skin conditions such as eczema, monitoring your use of heat—and even air conditioning—can make a world of difference. Many people have reported that their heating and AC units have caused their skin to become dry, itchy or even flaky. Since winter skin is already prone to these issues, it’s best to steer clear of making your living space too hot or too cold. Think of Goldilocks! You want it just right.

Once you’ve got your hydration and temp regulation in order, you’ll need to get in there and scrub that skin, exfoliating all of those areas where patches of dry, dead skin have accumulated. Take stock of how your skin feels afterward so you don’t overdo it when exfoliation becomes a part of your regimen. For most people, exfoliating between one to three times a week is a good idea. And for those who are super serious about sandblasting that skin to make it spectacular, a handheld microdermabrasion tool may be in order. Consider the sensitivity of your skin, and proceed accordingly.

Now that you’ve uncovered a gorgeous new layer of skin underneath, you’ll want to shield it from the elements. Even though it may not appear sunny outside, sunblock should always serve as the base of any skincare regimen. Also, check that your skin is properly moisturized before you venture out into the wintry wonderland. Whether it’s a serum, a moisturizer, an oil or a combination of different products, you’ll save your skin by shielding it from Mother Nature’s most intense moments. After all, there are some times in life when putting up barriers can be a good thing—and this is one of them! Those who wear foundation can rejoice in the fact that their favorite product is also providing some protection from cold snaps, pesky precipitation and surprising bursts of sun.

Although it may take a bit of effort, sourcing your own inner sunshine—and using your complexion to light up a drab winter day—is definitely worth it.