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Winter Skincare Moisturization and Hydration Tips You Need to Follow

Winter Skincare Moisturization and Hydration Tips You Need to Follow

This year, winter is extra blustery and brutal. That translates to more damage and dryness to your skin, unless you take steps to take care of it. What was good for your skin in the summer is no match for this big chill, so read up on these winter skincare tips to look your best no matter how cold you feel!

1. Stay hydrated

Part of looking your most beautiful on the outside is taking care of your insides. In summer, we drink lots of water to battle dehydration, but many of us overlook this in the colder months. It’s not the whipping winds filled with ice and snow that’s drying us out though. It’s the indoor heating. So once you come in from the cold, hang up your coat and kick off your boots, then grab a glass of water.

2. Don’t shower with super-hot water

A hot shower might feel good after trudging through the snow, but when you turn up that water too hot, it dries out your skin, stripping it of the natural oils that keep it soft and supple. Use lukewarm water, and don’t forget to apply a good moisturizing body cream to your limbs after you towel off.

3. Use a humidifier

Your heating system might feel wonderful to come into from the cold, but when you’re sitting inside your home, it’s drying you out. Using a humidifier will add some humidity back into your air space so that you can enjoy the warmth without the ill effects on your skin.

4. Exfoliate less often

Exfoliating is an important step in your skincare regimen, however doing it too often will cause it to dry out more. Since it helps to regenerate skin and primes skin for the moisturization process, dermatologists recommend that in these dry winter months to only exfoliate once a week.

5. Switch to moisturizing creams

Lotions are great for summer because they absorb fast into the skin and are more lightweight. Creams however, are better suited for these times of dryness. They have a thicker, richer consistency that can keep up the barrier against the cold weather and the drying indoor heating. Be sure to use a quality moisturizing cream on your face immediately after washing it to lock in moisture to the deepest levels.

We’re in love with Anora Skincare Active Fortifying Moisturizer because it protects your skin from all kinds of daytime drama from pollutants to dry or cold air. It also is infused with diamond powder to give your skin a gorgeous glow. For night, try Anora Skincare Reparative Night Moisturizer which works to heal and replenish the skin while you sleep.

Winter’s not over yet, so make sure you look after your skin so that come summer, you still look radiant and ravishing!