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Tips for Diminishing Dark Circles

Stress, lack of sleep, a fun night on the town, and allergies all lead to dark circles under your eyes, making you look sick and tired. As you age, the circles often worsen due to your skin becoming finer and revealing the blood vessels under your eyes. However, you do not have to live looking like a raccoon; instead, there are several tips to easily decrease your dark circles.

The appearance of the under eye blood vessels causes the dark circles to appear, as does darkening of the melatonin in your skin and the hollow areas under the eyes creating a shadow. However, the majority of dark circles are caused by the blood vessels showing through the thin skin around the eyes. Due to stress, lack of sleep, or allergies, these blood vessels grow, becoming more visible. Additionally, genetic issues or other vascular problems can cause the pooling of blood around your eyes. Alternatively, the lack of collagen and thinning of the skin caused by aging makes even the normal sized blood vessels more visible. The sun speeds up this process by breaking up the collagen, so wearing sunscreen and large sunglasses are important preventative measures.

Because dark circles are due to blood vessels increasing, finding ways to decrease or constrict the blood vessels will diminish the appearance of dark circles. A cold compress laid on your eyes for about five minutes provides the contraction necessary for the blood vessels, as do cucumber slices and tea bags. Additionally, sleeping with two pillows so that the blood will not pool under your eyes decreases your chances of getting dark circles.

Creams and lotions help decrease the look of dark circles. There are numerous eye creams on the market. Although some focus mainly on fighting fine lines and wrinkles, many fight the battle against eye puffiness and dark circles. Look for an eye cream with ingredients that are anti-inflammatory, as they will contract the blood vessels. For aging, thinning skin using an extra eye cream will nourish the skin, lessening the affect of the thinning skin and dark circles. Retinol, or vitamin A, strengthens the skin and increases collagen production. Vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant, not only fights damage caused by free radicals, it also boosts collagen production. Vitamins K and E are also beneficial ingredients to fight dark circles.

Eye creams with caffeine also help restrict blood vessels, decreasing the appearance of dark under eye circles. Green tea and grape seed oil strengthen the capillary walls, making the blood vessels less likely to constrict and be noticeable. Additionally, arnica, a homeopathic cure for bruising and healing blood vessels, will decrease the appearance of the dark circles.

Finding eye creams with at least a few of these ingredients and using them nightly will keep your dark circles under control. Some good products to try are Youngblood Eye Impact Quick Recovery Eye Cream, Murad Essential-C Eye Cream, Dr. Brandt Collagen Booster Dark Circles Away and Dr. Hauschka Daily Revitalizing Eye Cream.

Additionally, eating a diet rich in foods that improve blood circulation will help limit your dark circles. The flavonoids found in dark chocolate and wine and the Omega 3 fatty acids not only help your heart health, they help your entire circulatory system, including the vessels under your eyes. Limiting your alcohol, salt, and caffeine intake will ensure that your circulatory system remains healthy. Furthermore, lessening your stress and ensuring you get an adequate amount of sleep are important. If allergies are the culprit for your dark circles, taking an antihistamine should help.

There are more intensive remedies available, including surgery and bleaching creams. However, those should be saved for the most severe cases. Typically, following a healthy diet, getting plenty of sleep, and using a good eye cream will keep dark circles at bay. Additionally, finding a foundation or concealer will help even your skin tone and lessen the appearance of any dark circles.