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​The Best Skincare Devices to Keep Your Skin Dazzling

​The Best Skincare Devices to Keep Your Skin Dazzling

We're still waiting for the day that our robot overlords take over and assume control of our skincare, monitoring hydration levels, moisturization and exfoliation to ensure that everything looks sublime—all of the time. And let’s face it; we can’t always achieve the “skintervention” we need by just using topical creams, scrubs and cleansers. Sometimes we need that extra oomph that only a dynamic device can provide. Until the blessed day that the skin robots arrive, though, we'll have to make use of the following devices:

LED Handheld Devices

Developed with the help of space technology and built to go deeper than a Drake song, this is one product that does make us feel like we're finally living in the future. Using wavelengths that trigger your skin's own regeneration process, lasers in these devices pump up your skin’s collagen and elastin. Since these are the building blocks that keep you appearing youthful, it’s no wonder that these highly effective and easy-to-use devices have quickly become the darlings of the skincare world.

Handheld Microdermabrasion Tools

If you’ve ever forked out a fortune at the esthetician’s office for a microderm treatment, then you’ll be happy to know that you can now achieve these same results from the comfort of your own home. Whether your’e concerned about hyperpigmentation or an aging complexion, these crystals will conquer your skin’s most annoying tendencies and reveal that beautiful glow you’ve always wanted.


Remember our friends collagen and elastin from the laser device? They’re baaaaaack with the microneedling device, which creates tiny, imperceptible injuries on your skin. This triggers your skin to repair itself, which it does by creating those youth-promoting substances.

IPL Devices for Hair Removal

For those of us who love the thought of permanently removing unwanted hair but don’t necessarily want to leave the house and awkwardly hang out with a stranger while they laser us up, these devices are truly a godsend. Perfect for the chin and bikini line, IPL hair removal systems use targeted bursts of energy to help you achieve your goals of smooth and supple skin.

Microcurrent Face Toning Devices

One of the most prevalent signs of early aging can be sagging or not-so-taut skin. Microcurrent devices exist to help your skin recover the tone that characterizes a younger look. Users have reported that microcurrent devices make their skin look brighter and more refreshed, diminishing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

Satin Sleeping Devices

Did you know that your pillow could be causing your skin to appear more wrinkled? Talk about a nightmare! Although some may see satin products as a more low-tech option, today’s offerings are anything but. Perfectly formulated and constructed to support smooth skin, these satin pillows are a lot more ergonomically advanced than just a satin pillowcase. The best part is that they’ll keep both your skin and your hair looking amazing. If that’s not the definition of high tech, then we don’t know what is!