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Summer Makeup Ideas

As discussed in last week’s summer dos and don’ts, summer’s a great time for lighter makeup and adding some fun colors. Here are some ideas for a sexy, glowing summer look.

Makeup Look 1: Au Natural

If you feel comfortable enough, summer is a great time to go au natural and let your skin breathe. But most people aren’t brave enough for that, so there’s a way to make it look like you are. Start with a very light, basic foundation just to even your skin tone and hide any unsightly blemishes. Add some mascara and lip gloss and viola, a beautiful, light summer makeup look that will just be a more perfect you. This is ideal for the daytime, especially if you are going to be outdoors.

Makeup Look 2: Sun-kissed Bliss

Have you been spending too much time indoors but want to look like you just came from an Island getaway? There’s an easy way to make it look like the sun is your best friend. Start with a light foundation to even out your skin tone. Use a nice gold and brown eye shadow that compliments your coloring. The brown shade will act as your base color on your eyes. Next, dust a glistening gold color over it. Lightly brush a bronzer slightly darker than your natural tone, no more than two shades, on your face and shoulders. Finish the look with some simple mascara and some glistening lip gloss to make your eyes pop and lips glisten. You will look like you just stepped off the beach.

Makeup Look 3: Summer Nights

Even in the summer there are times when you want a more dynamic look. Maybe you’re going clubbing or out on the town with friends. You still don’t want to overdo your makeup, but a fun night out does call for a more vibrant makeup style. The focus of your foundation should be to even out your skin tone and hide any blemishes. Stay away from caking on a foundation, and instead opt for a light foundation that won’t sweat off as quickly. Another great move is to keep your eye shadow light and opt instead for just emphasizing the eyes with some eyeliner and mascara. You can start with just a basic tonal color for some shading and then make your eyes pop with a line of eyeliner and mascara. Finish the look with a shimmering powder and a darker lipstick with some gloss over it to make your lips shine. Your eyes and lips will pop while keeping the rest of you light and glistening. It will be sure to impress.

Makeup Look 4: Color me Beautiful

For those of you a bit more adventurous, summer is a great time to play with colors. Color-blocking is in style and can easily be complimented by your makeup. However, you don’t want to pile on the colored eye shadow or use really bright lipsticks. Subtlety is key, but colors can still compliment your look. Keep your base layers light and simple. A light foundation to even out your skin tone is again the perfect base. For your eyes, start with a gold, brown, gray, or pink as your base color depending on your coloring. Next, add a light layer of your chosen color for accent. The idea is to add complimenting color to your face without making it the only thing someone sees. Add a sprinkling of bronzer or blush, and follow up with a light color on your lips and a bit of mascara to help emphasize the eyes. You can even add a splash of colors on your finger and toenails that matches the your chosen colors. This is a simple way to add color to your makeup without looking like a clown.

These are some simple, basic makeup ideas for a great summer look. Experiment with them and make them your own. Just remember to keep it soft, light and glowing to help the sunny summer days compliment your beauty.