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Spring Beauty Tips

With the passing of the vernal equinox, it’s officially Spring! Spring is a transition season from the harsh conditions of winter to the sunny, warm days of summer. With spring, hemlines shorten and more skin begins to be revealed, making it the ideal time to start preparing your skin for summer and swimsuit season. Here are some beauty tips to help with the transition and keep you looking radiant all spring long.

Foot scrub—As warm weather approaches, so does sandal season, so it is time to prepare your feet. You can opt for a professional pedicure, especially at a salon that will include a good foot and calf sugar scrub. Alternatively, you can do an in-home pedicure for similar results. Look for a scrub made for feet, as they have the toughest skin and need special treatment. After scrubbing, be sure to moisturize, again preferably with a lotion specific to feet.

Exfoliate your whole body, including your face. Exfoliation is an important part of your beauty regime in every season, but it is especially helpful in the skin’s transition from winter to spring. Exfoliation evens out the dry patches of skin and gets rid of the flakes winter has left behind. Don’t just exfoliate the face, as spring is prime time to exfoliate the whole body, especially the arms and legs, to prepare it for being seen. Look for a good body scrub and use it about once a week in the shower with a loofah. Exfoliating will rid your body of any flakes and encourage skin cell turnover, balancing the skin’s moisture levels and rejuvenating it. Your skin will be ready for short skirts, sleeveless tops, and even bathing suits. Full body exfoliation will also prepare your skin for any skin removal or self-tanning you are planning. Although exfoliating is key for both the face and the body, don’t use the same exfoliate for both. Using a scrub with small beads, like a sugar scrub, is perfect for the body but can be too harsh for the delicate face. Also, be careful not to over scrub!

Change your moisturizer—The dryness of winter can make us reach for a rich, creamy moisturizer. As spring approaches, the dryness starts to fade and the air becomes more moist, and with it the skin. However, moisturizing is still key, as the skin transitions from the harsh conditions of winter to the more gentle spring. Don’t forget to moisturize your whole body, especially the elbows, knees, hands and feet. These areas of the body often get forgetting in winter because we don’t see them. Prepare them for being bare through a good daily moisturizing routine.

Time for sunscreen—Although you should wear sunscreen year round to protect your skin, the dark, short days of winter often make sun protection an overlooked step in the beauty routine. Now that the days are getting longer, and the sun is starting to shine brighter, it is time to reincorporate sun protection in your routine if you’ve been a bit lapsed. The easiest way to do this is through a moisturizer or foundation that features SPF, especially 30 and higher. Don’t forget to protect your sensitive eye areas with dark, oversized sunglasses. If you are spending the whole day outside, add a fabulous looking, wide brimmed hat to ensure your face is protected.

Spring cleaning—Spring is a time of renewal, and with that often comes the idea of spring cleaning, getting rid of the old. Spring is the perfect time to do the same to your makeup and skin care products. Like anything, makeup and skin care products have an expiration date, so take the time to look through your products and throw out anything that is expired. Additionally, take the time to get rid of any products that you don’t use anymore, that have irritated your skin, look caked on, highlight imperfections, don’t suit you, or anything else. A good rule of thumb is if you haven’t used it in a year, toss it! Also throw out old makeup sponges that can contain bacteria. Similarly, wash out your makeup brushes, as they can also hold onto old bacteria. By tossing out the old products, it opens up room in your makeup bag for the new, bright colors of spring.

Take the turn of the season as a time to reflect on your beauty regime and make necessary changes. Even if it is not quite time for skirts, sleeveless tops and sandals, now is the perfect time to prepare your skin for the warmer months that will soon be here. The new colors blooming also allow for more color in your makeup and wardrobe. Enjoy the season!