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​Mineral Makeup: The New Way to Clean Up Your Beauty Routine

Mineral Makeup: The New Way to Clean Up Your Beauty Routine

Once upon a time, no one cared about makeup formulations. They only cared about how they looked. But as time lurched forward, so too did the realization that the things in many makeup brands were toxic. Since the skin soaks everything up, it makes sense to eliminate toxic ingredients.

Hence, it’s why there are many clean beauty brands out there. Among them, Jane Iredale. With the launch of this brand, it has thrust clean beauty mineral makeup products into the limelight. From professional makeup artists to regular women putting makeup on for their day at the office or night on the town, the concern isn’t about colors or finishes anymore. It’s all about what’s in these formulations.

The wild thing is that even in the 1990s, this wasn’t common practice. That’s when the world of cosmetics started to turn on its heels. As consumers and makeup professionals alike began to demand cosmetics without toxins, it was clear where this industry was headed. Jane Iredale is often credited with taking the lead. She researched ingredients and found healthier alternatives. It was the beginning of a revolution…a revolution for clean beauty.

Clean Beauty is Born

Jane Iredale recognized an opportunity to give people what they needed. She found ways to explore natural ingredients to achieve the results everyone wanted in makeup. From having a natural highlight to brilliant colors that pop, all things were considered. It all began with this simple idea to simplify things, and now mineral makeup is sweeping the industry, leading the way of clean beauty.

One of the biggest things for product development is to make the product work better and be kind to skin. It’s seeking new ingredient alternatives to replace those old options. It’s not always easy though when you consider something like talc for example. Talc is cheap for production, but it’s terrible for high standards.

Jane Iredale mineral makeup and other brands that have followed suit in pursuit of better ingredients to replace toxic ones aren’t cheap. While you can surely compromise and budget on other things in life, one place to not accept it is with anything you consume or put on your body. You’ll wind up paying the price down the road and you’ll realize that sentiment of getting what you pay for is extremely real when it comes to clean beauty.

Out With the Old, In With the New Ingredients

Want to jump into clean beauty? Whether you choose Jane Iredale or another mineral-based brand, make sure you’re looking at labels before you buy anything. Take a look and see what old ingredients are being replaced with.

Instead of talc, try boron nitride

Talc is very drying and can clog pores. It gives skin a dull look and can bring out lines and pores. Instead, boron nitride is a mineral that won’t clog those pores. It reflects and disperses light so you get that lovely soft-focus effect, perfect for making lines and pores minimal in appearance.

Instead of mineral oil, try coconut oil

Mineral oil is a nasty ingredient that clogs pores and doesn’t offer hydration. It doesn’t mimic your skin’s natural oils either so it’s not doing you any favors. That’s why coconut oil is a better choice. It’s naturally non-comedogenic and hydrating so that it benefits skin, leaving it better with every use.

Instead of synthetic perfumes, try essential oils

Synthetic perfumes, often listed as “fragrance” on labels, is a red flag that chemicals are in your formula. It can mask odors but at what cost? You may experience redness and irritation, plus it could disrupt your endocrine system. Essential oils are where it’s at with healthy and natural benefits for your skin. They also add an element of aromatherapy, boosting your mood and spirit.

Instead of parabens and phthalates, try botanicals and antioxidants

Parabens and phthalates are used as preservatives, but they cause irritation and are known as endocrine disruptors. With botanicals and antioxidants though, these natural items are effective at preserving plus they have added benefits for your skin unlike the old toxic standbys.

Instead of chemical SPF, try physical SPF

Chemicals leave skin red and irritated while physical SPF soothes and calms skin. You can also reapply it for longer wear rather than washing it completely off like the chemical versions.

Other Benefits of Clean Beauty and Minerals

It’s not just taking care of your skin while creating the looks you want for work or play. It’s about protecting the world around us by not letting nasty chemical agents seep into our environment and not testing on animals. By getting into safer ingredients, clean beauty makes the world a more beautiful place all around.

Look for Jane Iredale and other mineral-based, natural, cruelty-free brands of makeup and skincare to replace the old way of doing beauty. Your skin will thank you!