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Lab Series Skin Care: Skin Care for Men Done Right

Lab Series Skin Care: Skin Care for Men Done Right

A History of Dermatological Excellence

Men and women may need skin care, but their specific needs and issues regarding their skin are different as night and day. While it may be true that men can be a little less particular about their skin, it is also true that there is a growing trend of taking extra care about men’s skin.

From everyday regimens to target specific treatments, it’s becoming more and more accepted for men to take care of their skin the same way that women do. This is exactly why we at Lab Series Skin Care specialize in taking care of men’s skin – the way that only we truly know how.

For almost thirty years, Lab Series Skin Care has been at the forefront of men’s skin care. Since 1987 the company has focused on this specific skin care niche, recognizing that men too need to get the best skin care treatment that science has ever devised. Fast forward almost three decades later, and our company is now taking care of men’s skin from over 30 countries. From the US to Japan, the UK to Mexico, South Africa to Korea and more, Lab Series Skin Care is slowly becoming a staple in every man’s closet.

Going Beyond Skin Deep: Men’s Skin Care

Men’s skin is thirty to forty percent thicker than women’s. This means that men’s skin has more glands that produce oil, leading to a build-up of dirt and that unfortunate shine. In addition, men shave, and the less facial hair that remains on men, the more prone their faces are from all that unwanted dirt.

This is the unique understanding that the professionals at Lab Series Skin Care possess. Time is of the essence, and we recognize and accept that. For this reason, we ensure that the products we developed are fast acting. They clean men’s skin faster than dirt building up and clogging pores. This high performance of the products can be attributed to the tremendous amount of research and study behind this skin care technology.

Men’s skin care is mostly misunderstood by many people. They think that men only need to wash their faces in order to achieve clear, blackhead and pimple free skin. Men’s skin care goes way deeper than that. Our company has solutions for all stages of skin care: cleaning, shaving, toning, repair, moisturizing, SPF, and even specialty care. Our professionals guarantee that no stone is left unturned; in this case, every single area of men’s skin is well taken care of. That is the Lab Series Skin Care promise.

The Finest Array of Skin Care Products

From multi-action face wash, power wash, cooling shave creams, water lotion, skin recharging lotion, repair serums, gel creams, sun block, clay masks and more, Lab Series Skin Care gives you and all men access to world class, professional skin care.

At the end of the day, men may be considered to have even more delicate skin than women. Men certainly have more exposure to dirt, with their active lifestyles and the interest for less facial hair. We here at Lab Series Skin Care acknowledge this as the truth, and we will continue to go leaps and bounds to help men all around the world have (AND KEEP) clean, healthy looking and vibrant skin.