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Hot New Makeup Looks for Fall

A new season means time to shake up your makeup routine. As the days shorten, autumn is the time to transition from a lighter summer look to a more daring winter look. If you are looking for some ideas on how to do your makeup this fall, look no further. This season, color is definitely in, everything from dark reds to purples to greens. However, there are also some trendy looks that are still more neutral for the less daring to enjoy.

Deep Red Lipsticks

This fall, you want your lips to be darker and daring. Instead of using your bright red lipstick, opt for a darker shade of red like black cherry or plum. Many of the most popular shades this season are almost closer to the black side of the spectrum than the red. However, do not forget to balance such a dark color with some blush or bronzer on your cheeks, especially as your summer tan fades away.

Brown Lipsticks

If you do not want to go red on your lips, go brown this season. You do not need to just opt for a nude coloring, instead do not be afraid for a darker brown like a chocolate color. It will add just a little more color to your look, while still offering a more neutral overall effect.

Smokey Eyes in Brown

Smokey eyes are still trendy this fall, but many makeup artists are opting for lighter colors like brown or taupe for a softer look. To get the look, always start with tracing your inner eyelash lines with a dark brown pencil, like an espresso color. Then use a brown shadow for your eyelids.

Gem Colored Eyes

If you want more color for your eyes, then look towards shades of emerald. If green is not the best color for you, you can still get some of the look by finding coloring with a hint of a green metallic hue, like an aquamarine or turquoise. Alternatively, garnet is another very popular color for eyes this season if you look better in red coloring. With these colors, you do not have to play it safe; it is all about daring looks this fall. You can also have fun with deep, cobalt blues or purples.

Cat Eyes

If you want to go even more daring with your eyes, then you can opt for cat eyes this season. For this look, you will use liquids and gel liners typically in black tones to create an exaggerated look on your eyes. To get the look, you basically draw the shape on your lids and fill it in with black shadow. If you like the look but do not want to go that dramatic, just use a thick stroke of black liquid liner.

Glittering Gold

For those who want a more neutral look, you can stay using colors like taupe and brown to just enhance your own coloring. However, you can still add a touch of color with some gold accents. It will be soft while adding a bit of sparkle to an otherwise natural look.

These popular looks for Fall can be easily incorporated into your look. Although many of them are dramatic, you can choose to use just a hint of color for a similar effect. Remember to balance your eyes and lips, typically going dramatic on one while keeping the other a more neutral tone.