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Fall Skincare Routine - ​Tips on Switching Up from a Summer to Fall Skincare Routine

Fall Skincare Routine - ​Tips on Switching Up from a Summer to Fall Skincare Routine

With the Autumn Equinox coming and passing, we are now officially in the fall season. Just like you change your wardrobe when seasons change, it's also very important to do the same with your skincare regimen.

Our skin has different needs that come with the change of each season. Humidity, temperature and exposure to the sun all play a big role in determining how your skin behaves when you transition from one season to another. 

During summer months, skincare is all about oil control and protecting your skin from the sun. However, that's not usually the case in fall. In the fall you'll be more concerned with repairing the damage the sun did on your skin during summer months as well as ensuring that your delicate epidermis is well protected in dry and cold fall months. 

In this article, we'll talk about the difference between summer skin care and fall skin care as well as give you solid skin care tips to follow this fall.

Why it's Crucial to Switch up Your Routine & Products when the Seasons Change

There are a couple reasons why you should change your products in the fall. 

  1. When the seasons change, so does the way your skin behaves. 

    Common symptoms skin displays when switching from summer to fall like dryness, breakouts and an overall unflattering appearance all can be attributed to the weather and the fact that the oily-ness from the summer is still occurring, but the colder weather making it's way in creates layers of dead skin and dead skin cell buildup.

    For these reasons, increased breakouts are actually very common in the fall season.

    After months of excessive sun and harmful UV rays during the summer, your skin should be nurtured and cleansed of dirt, excess oil, and well hydrated. Using summer skincare products and routines during the fall and winter months can cause a lackluster appearance and you'll quickly notice that your skin is not responding well.
  3. The purpose of summer skin care products differ from the purpose of fall skincare products.

    Summer skincare products are more concerned with removing excess oil and dirt on the skin while fall skincare products are more concerned in moisturizing your skin to keep it well hydrated.

    Think about switching out the following products:

    Cleansers - switch from a gel cleanser in the summer to creamy cleanser in the fall to help keep your skin hydrated. 

    Toners - switch to a toner that's not alcohol based in the fall to prevent drying out your skin

Although you don't need a full change of routine, making these slight changes in products and will make a big difference and help your skin look it's best. 

How to Transition Your Skincare From Summer to Fall

1. Protect Your Skin Using a High SPF Sunscreen

This comes as surprise because many people think that UV damage does not occur during this season. However, just like summer months, UV rays also pose a great danger to skin, even during the fall. Despite the fact that temperatures are cooler you still risk being affected by UVA rays that are usually responsible for causing premature wrinkles and skin cancer. 

Therefore, skin protection against UV rays is a year-round job. It's very important to ensure that you protect your skin against harmful UV rays by applying a sunscreen that suits your skin type.

2. Use a Hydrating Facemask

Redness, dryness as well as skin sensitivity can cause serious skin problems especially if the skin is exposed to sun rays for a long period of time. Using a face mask that contains moisturizing oil can really help your skin during fall by moisturizing your skin and helping  The naturally cool feeling of hydrating face masks are ideal for soothing redness and sensitivity of the skin.

3. Listen to Your Skin

One very important thing that you need to know is that skin types varies. Skincare products that works for someone with oily skin will not work well for someone with dry skin. Your skin has its own unique needs. Therefore it's very important to be attentive and listen to your skin needs. 

Conditions such as dryness, tightness, sensitivity and increased breakouts are clear sign that the current skin care products that you are using are not working for your skin. Your skin will only respond positively if you give it exactly what it needs. 

Pay close attention to your skin needs and use natural products that specifically address your skin needs this fall. If you aren't sure on what skincare products suits your skin needs, don’t hesitate to consult a reputable skin care expert to help you out.

4. Amplify Your Moisturizing Routine

Summer is usually characterized by humidity and heat meaning that you can lighten up your daily moisturizer. However, that's not the case during fall.

Depending on the area climate and your skin type, you need to switch to creamy moisturizer in the morning and high quality night cream to give your skin the moisture boost that it really needs during fall months. Your skin cells need to be moisturized constantly in order to maintain a healthy glow. The cool weather of the fall can make your skin dry and rough.

5. Add Facial Serums to Your Routine

Once you have applied a moisturizer, the next step is to apply serum when your skin is still damp in order to seal the hydration properties of the moisturizer. Serums are very important because they contain smaller molecules than moisturizers meaning that their molecules are able to penetrate deeper into your skin thus enabling your skin to retain moisture. 

Experts recommend that you should choose a serum that contains essential minerals and vitamin to protect your skin against dryness, dullness and aging.

6. Remember that Beautiful Skin is a Full Time Commitment

Skin care is not a “one and done” thing, it is actually a full time job. Regardless of the season, you need to ensure that your skin is well taken care of, consistently.

In addition to using the right skincare product, it's also important to ensure that you take good care of your health - eat healthy, exercise, stay hydrated. Although skincare products will help you protect and enhance your skin, fact still remains that the general condition of your skin is a reflection of your overall body health. 

Knowing how to take care of your skin in the fall is very important. 

As summer turns to fall, it is important to switch your skin care routine to complement the season. You don’t need to change all your skin care products, but you do need to make slight adjustments to suit the demands of the new season. The above mentioned tips will help protect your skin as well give it a vibrant, firmer smoother and younger look in fall.