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Effortless Summer Hair: Heat-Free Styling Tips & Products to Try

Effortless Summer Hair: Heat-Free Styling Tips & Products to Try

Summer is the season of sun-kissed adventures, beach days, and carefree vibes. However, high temperatures and humidity can make it challenging to maintain your hair's style, especially if you're avoiding heated tools. But fret not! With a little help from top-notch hair care brands like Living Proof, Virtue, Klorane, and Bachca Paris, you can achieve gorgeous heat-free hairstyles that are perfect for the summer. Let's dive into some tried-and-true tips and top-of-the-line products to help you rock your best summer hair.

Prep and Protect

Before diving into heat-free styling, it's essential to start with a clean slate. Begin by using a high-quality shampoo and conditioner to ensure your hair is nourished and ready for styling.  By maintaining your hair health, your styling efforts will prove easier and more effective.

Your hair requires lots of hydration in the summer to combat the drying effects of high temperatures, humidity, chlorine from swimming pools, etc.  Consider using a good-quality, hydrating duo such as the Klorane Nourishing Shampoo with Mango and Klorane Nourishing Conditioner with Mango.

Smooth and Tame

When it comes to achieving a polished and put-together look, the right tools can make all the difference. Bachca Paris, a brand synonymous with elegance and quality, offers a range of brushes that not only elevate your styling routine but also contribute to the health and appearance of your hair.  One of the remarkable benefits of using a Bachca Paris brush is its ability to distribute your scalp's natural oils evenly along the hair shafts. This natural oil, known as sebum, acts as a natural conditioner, promoting shine and reducing frizz. Regular brushing with a Bachca Paris brush helps to prevent oil buildup at the roots while nourishing and hydrating the lengths, resulting in smoother and healthier-looking hair.


To combat frizz and add definition to your natural waves or curls, Living Proof's No-Frizz Nourishing Styling Cream is a game-changer. This cream works wonders in humid conditions, leaving your hair sleek, shiny, and perfectly styled. Apply a small amount to damp hair and scrunch for effortlessly beachy waves.

Another tried-and-true tip for effortless beachy waves is to braid your hair before bed.  A simple braid protects your hair from breakage and friction against your pillow, so that you can wake up to naturally smooth & healthy tresses. Apply a few drops of Living Proof No Frizz Vanishing Oil to your hair before braiding and gently finger-comb out the brands when you wake up.


Don't let sweaty summer days bring you down! Klorane's Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk is a lifesaver for refreshing your hair between washes. This product absorbs excess oil and adds volume, making it a staple for heat-free styling. Spray it on your roots, wait a few moments, and then brush it through for a revitalized look.

To keep the ends of your hair healthy, apply a few drops of Virtue Perfect Ending Spit End Serum.


For a natural radiance boost, apply the Klorane Brightening Spray with Chamomile to your hair before spending time in the sun.  The gentle, non-drying formula gradually brightens, highlights and illuminates your hair for a sun-kissed look year-round.