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B. Kamins Laboratories

B. Kamins Laboratories

Just in time for the recent launch of, we’re excited to welcome B. Kamins Laboratories into the family. Started with his own family in mind, B. Kamins was founded by Ben Kaminsky over 40 years ago after his wife entered menopause and found no cosmetic or dermatologic product that could reduce the symptoms of hormonal fluctuation on the skin. Together with his over forty years of experience as a dermatological chemist and inspired by an ice fishing trip in the cold, harsh Canadian winter, Kamins discovered the life-sustaining sap from maple trees made for an excellent skin care ingredient and, as a result, he unknowingly created one of the first products in the renowned skin care line, the Menopause Skin Cream.

B. Kamins is a modern spa line that combines the visible results of clinical skin care with the indulgent and rewarding spa visit experience. A pioneer in the treatment of sensitive, damaged, and hormone-deprived, mature skin, B. Kamins is a comprehensive skin care line formulated to treat a variety of skin conditions ranging from sensitive, extra dry, problematic, menopausal and everything in between. Targeted at both men and women, B. Kamins strives to offer the most advanced in skin care technology and formulation, using only the most luxurious, calming spa ingredients fused with the latest, cutting-edge pharmaceutical skin care ingredients.

With a mission to continue as the forerunner in introducing effective solutions to problematic skin conditions unavailable in other skin care lines, B. Kamins has exemplified this in their revolutionary Beyond Botox Facial. The famous treatment is a healthy, aging skin care routine based on the founder’s successful lifestyle book, Beyond Botox: Seven Strategies for Sexy, Ageless Skin without Needles or Surgery. This sophisticated anti-aging treatment serves as the perfect option for those wanting to see significant changes without the danger of plastic surgery. The Beyond Botox Facial Treatment visibly reduces the look of fine lines, wrinkles, and age spots while giving skin a brighter, more radiant glow. The treatment consists of the Lifting Serum Kx, Replenishing Moisturizer Kx, Replenishing Serum Kx, Replenishing Eye Cream Kx, and the Brightening Mask Kx to effectively firm and rejuvenate the skin, addressing all aging skin care concerns.

Using their background and years of experience in formulating prescription medication, B. Kamins sets itself apart from the rest by taking a modern, scientific approach to treating skin at different stages of aging and skin suffering from various problematic conditions. Manufactured in their own pharmaceutical facility, B. Kamins makes the highest standards for manufacturing a mandatory requirement. Formulated with the highest pharmaceutical-grade ingredients and with a focus on the customer, proudly announces the launch of B. Kamins into the family.