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10 Simple Steps to Healthier Skin

Posted by JoAnn Melendez on 1st Oct 2016

10 Simple Steps to Healthier Skin

The older we get, the easier it is to see our skin age and that’s not something we exactly look forward to. Every choice we make, from a young age (including how much sun we get, the food we eat, whether or not we smoke, etc.) affects the health of our skin. Taking care of your skin may not be at the top of your priority list for a variety of reasons. You may say you’re too busy and can’t find the time or that skin regimens are too expensive but if you’re looking to achieve beautiful skin for years to come, you’ll take note of these ten simple steps from to keep you looking your best!

  1. Stop touching your face. You probably don’t even realize it, but you touch your face dozens (or maybe even hundreds) of times per day. Each time you do, you’re transmitting dirt, bacteria, and allergens which lead to breakouts. While you may be a stickler for washing your hands repeatedly throughout the day, the same can’t be said for your cell phone which some studies say have tens of thousands of germs per square inch! Trust us, leave your face alone. You’ll thank us later.
  2. Watch your stress levels. Stress does more than make you feel physically drained or even ill. It can wreak havoc on your outer appearance as well. Stress causes bags under your eyes, fine lines, acne, hives, and more. Remember that you don’t need to do it all and if you truly do, find some rest and relaxation time for yourself.
  3. Shorten those hot showers. Who doesn’t love a hot shower? But before you crank up that temperature, keep this in mind: Hot showers or baths actually dries out the skin, leaving it itchy and prone to rash. When you switch to a cooler temp, you’ll notice that your skin feels more hydrated and as an added bonus, your hair will look stronger and have more shine to it as well.
  4. Embrace your Italian side with garlic. Believe it or not, garlic has many more functions than just boosting the flavor of a dish. Garlic has anti-bacterial, anti-oxidant, and anti-fungal properties which help unclog pores and reduce skin irritation among a host of other benefits.
  5. Just say no to sun overexposure. You may be craving that golden skin but you may be heading down a dark path of serious skin problems. From dried out skin to skin cancer, you definitely want to make sure you’re fully protected with a broad-spectrum sunscreen and limit your time soaking up those rays.
  6. Find a good multi-vitamin. Head to your local drugstore and pick up a vitamin chock full of beta-carotene as well as vitamins C, E, and A. These antioxidants fight to reverse the damage done to your skin by free radicals, which are molecules that hurt your skin and cause it to show its age.
  7. Water based products. Choosing water based products for your skin and hair have one very glaringly obvious benefit - it’s going to keep your body nice and hydrated. This is especially beneficial for those who have dry and cracked skin. It’s also helpful for those with sensitivity issues since they tend to be gentle on the skin.
  8. Smooth your skin by exfoliating. It’s not something we want to think about but over a typical 24 hour period, we shed about a million skin cells. Those dead cells need to be exfoliated and removed because it helps quickly turn over healthier, newer skin cells. A quick tip: find a good exfoliator with essential oils and moisturizer for added boosts.
  9. Wash your face properly with a quality cleanser. It’s easy to quickly splash some water on your face and get going with your day but there’s a lot to be said for taking the time to properly wash your face each day. If you haven’t checked out our face washing guide yet, you can check it out here.
  10. Get some rest! With all the distractions and stresses each day, it’s easy to lie wide awake at night in bed. Lack of sleep wreaks havoc on your immune system, leaving your skin vulnerable to irritation, acne, and dehydration.