Best Moisturizers for Fall 2018 - Anora, EltaMD, Epionce, IS Clinical & Obagi

1st Nov 2018

Fall is here in full force, and while we might be enjoying these cooler temperatures, our skin isn’t. Depending on where you live, the air is getting cooler and drier with every passing day, which means your skin is becoming more and more parched.

The moisturizers you used in the summer time just won’t cut it. You need to switch up your fall skincare to hydrate and protect your skin from the elements. Need help choosing one? We’ve found these to be the best moisturizers for fall 2018.


1. Anora Skincare Fortifying Active Moisturizer

The Anora skincare line has garnered much affection since its recent launch, and for good reason. It does what it says!  Anora Skincare's Fortifying Active Moisturizer smooths on with a creamy finish that soaks right in for a dewy effect and guards skin from pollutants like smoke and smog. As it hydrates, it goes deep down to restore elasticity and improve the skin barrier. The aging issues you’re concerned about with your skin smooth away, and for this day time formula, we love the diamond powder that helps bring out a brilliant daytime glow.

2. Anora Skincare Reparative Night Moisturizer

By night, using Anora’s night moisturizer will make you excited for the morning. When you wake up,  Anora Skincare's Reparative Night Moisturizer is an incredible formula of peptides, proteins, vitamins, and argan oil, will all reveal how hard they’ve worked to replenish and restore your skin while you were sleeping. It helps your skin rebuild collagen and elastin too so with continued use, you’ll see even more beautifully youthful results. Skin looks luminous and feels hydrated when you get out of bed, making it easier to have that hydrated and smoothed look even when the weather is cold and dry.

3. EltaMD PM Therapy Facial Moisturizer

Another nighttime cream worth trying is this one by EltaMD.  EltaMD's PM Therapy Facial Moisturizer has a very lightweight formula that restores skin with ceramides, antioxidants, and peptides. It’s effective for improving skin tone and color so if the summer sun left your face looking a bit splotchy, try tis one out. You’ll have a more refined complexion to wake up to, plus your skin will be primed for new cell growth. It’s fragrance-free too, making it a great choice if you have super-sensitive skin.

4. Epionce Renewal Facial Cream

One of Epionce’s best-selling products of all time is their  Renewal Facial Cream. If aging skin is your biggest concern, this formula contains retinoids to help bring intensive anti-aging results. It promotes skin cell regeneration and contains anti-inflammatory ingredients to offset the retinoids, making it less irritating than other formulas that contain them. It’s gentle enough to use every day and is ideal for climate-sensitive skin.

5. IS Clinical Youth Intensive Crème

If your skin seems like it just can never get enough hydration, then iS Clinical’s Youth Intensive Crème is a great choice. Skin that tends to get ultra-parched will love this formula. The luxuriously rich cream infused with botanicals helps plump up skin and smooth away fine lines and wrinkles. This one makes our list because it can hydrate for up to 24 hours. That’s great for busy lives who keep going and going all day long.

6. Obagi Hydrate

For eight hours,  Obagi Hydrate enriches skin with natural ingredients like mango butter, avocado oil, and shea butter, three notorious ingredients for intensive moisturization. This formula features exclusive time-released technology though that allows it to keep working for you while you’re out there working. Whether you’re in the office or out for a run, you won’t have skin that feels dry or tight.


Each of these moisturizers has something wonderful to bring to your skin for fall 2018. While some are made for daytime use and others are made for nighttime, these will help give your skin the hydration it needs to keep from drying out. Remember, dry and parched skin make it easier for wrinkles and other unpleasant visible signs of aging to take hold. If you want to always look your most youthful and vibrant, drink lots of water to stay hydrated, eat more plant-based ingredients, and choose quality skincare like these moisturizers here from  Anora SkincareEltaMDEpionceiS Clinical, and Obagi.


Have you had the pleasure of trying any of these or other moisturizers we carry?

Let us know what you think!


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