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EltaMD Skin Care

With the sun beginning its emergence after winter’s hibernation, it is time once again to seriously think about sun protection. EltaMD offers natural broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection for every skin type, along with a full range of skin care products. Founded with the purpose of combining responsible and innovative application of medical expertise and science, EltaMD products use only the best ingredients to enhance the skin’s natural beauty while protecting and nourishing it. Not available in salons or spas, EltaMD encourages working with your doctor to find the perfect skin care line for you.

EltaMD’s sunscreen line is the most complete line of sun protection products in the skin care industry. There are six unique formulas, so no matter your skin type or concern you can find the perfect match. All are hypoallergenic, making them perfect for any skin type including the most sensitive of skins. Zinc oxide provides the main sun protection ingredient, with four of the formulas containing 9% zinc oxide, the highest percentage available.

In addition to broad spectrum UVA/UVB sun protection, EltaMD sunscreens include Vitamin E, an important antioxidant that fights free radicals. Not only does this antioxidant fight free radicals caused by sun damage, it also helps minimize the chemical sunscreen actives and their free radicals, a problem any sunscreen must face. Chemical sunscreens inherently produce free radicals, which is why EltaMD uses as high a level of zinc oxide to minimize the chemical sunscreen ingredients. To further minimize any skin damage, the antioxidants found in vitamin E will ensure your skin remains healthy and beautiful.

With a minimum SPF of 30, and most in the 40s, you can be assured of the sun protection with any of EltaMD’s products. Additionally, most formulas have a high level of water resistance (up to 80 minutes). A daily facial moisturizer with SPF is the best place to start protecting your skin, and EltaMD has several formulas depending on skin type. The basic UV Daily for all skin types includes hyaluronic acid to increase skin smoothness and decrease wrinkles. The UV Facial has a more intense moisturizer, ideal for dyer skins or those recovering from harsh skin treatments like a chemical peel. The EltaMd UV Clear is oil free and calms and protects acne prone skin. EltaMD also has sun protection options for the full body as well. With both creams and sprays to choose from, you can pick the one more convenient for you. The UV Physical is perfect for sensitive skin, including children. For summertime beach or pool fun, or any outdoor sports and activities, the UV Sport provides sweat proof protection. For everyday full body moisturizer with sunscreen, opt for the UV Lotion. Ensuring full body sun protection, the UV Lip Balm provides moisture, antioxidants, and sun protection for lips.

The science and care put into EltaMD’s sun care line is also used for their full product line featuring cleansers, facial moisturizers, eye gel, and body lotion. AM Therapy is a great oil free moisturizer that improves skin tone by stimulating cell turnover without irritation. The PM Therapy moisturizes, restores and repairs skin while you sleep, including improving skin color and tone and repairing elasticity and vitality. The Renew Eye Gel works on dark circles and puffiness around your eyes while decreasing wrinkles naturally, making the skin around your eyes brighter. For intense moisturizing needs, like flaking skin, EltaMD offers an Intense Moisturizer. Additionally, the Post Procedure Balm is specially formulated to moisturize and strengthen damaged skin that has been treated by laser or chemical peels. Before you moisturize, don’t forget to cleanse the skin using either a foaming, light cleanser for all skin types or a deeper cleanser, perfect for those with oily, acne prone skin. EltaMD hasn’t forgotten the rest of your body, specially formulating a full body lotion that soothes dry skin and makes it soft and radiant.

Whether you just want to cleanse and moisturize your skin or you want the added sun protection, EltaMD has the perfect product for you. Whatever your skin type and need, EltaMD’s natural products will truly make your skin radiant and smooth.