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A New Journey

Renew. Replenish. Rejuvenate.

As a physician trained in Molecular Biology and a keen practioner of age management medicine, especially as it applies to the skin, I would like to share my view of the potential for DermaShoppe’s blog, a new entry into the skin care arena, to push the skin care industry to new heights by introducing you to our mantra, the 3 Rs of skin care: Renew, Replenish, and Rejuvenate.

With regard to the character and appearance of skin, the word RENEW can be seen as the intention to achieve the look and feel of healthy, younger skin, stimulating the skin to renew itself, to return to a state of former glory – to RENEW ones skin is literally to take that skin back to a previous time, to a previous condition of expressed beauty and wonderment. Here at DermaShoppe’s blog, we can embark on that journey together.

REPLENISHING means to replace or refill something that has been lost or emptied – to supply what is lacking – especially, to make complete again. It is our firm belief that the exciting array of carefully-chosen, exclusively physician-available cosmeceuticals can accomplish all of that and more.

REJUVENATION is all about making or causing something or someone to become young again – to restore or create a more youthful appearance. In keeping with our commitment to assist you, our readers, on your quest to beautiful skin, we developed protocols and treatment regimens specifically designed to assist you in restoring your skin to an earlier time of flawless radiance.

These are the realistic goals of our blog and those behind DermaShoppe. But, you may ask, how is that possible and what makes the DermaShoppe concept any better that a lot of other skin care blogs? These are good questions. The answers lie in our collective knowledge base, educational backgrounds, and long experience in the area of skin care. Recognizing that the skin care arena can resemble a minefield of possibilities – often appearing confusing and even overwhelming to the every day person – our dedicated team intends to cut through the uncertainty to enable you, our readers, to make intelligent, informed decisions regarding your particular needs.

We invite you to join this new and exciting journey with us. We, the people at DermaShoppe, invite you to make this blog a source of information, a tool for confidence-building, and the beginning of a fulfilling journey in Restoring, Replenishing and Rejuvenating your skin.