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Ideal Skin is No Longer a Dream

Ideal Skin is No Longer a Dream

Many of us scrutinize our faces in front of the mirror, tracking the smallest details and dreaming of looking several years younger. Apart from wrinkles and fine lines, skin quality is a determining factor in how old others perceive us to be.


There are many different answers and each woman has her own definition! Our judgement criteria is very personal and may be influenced by our age, origin, culture, and even by beauty trends. For many of us, when asked what “ideal skin” is, the answer is “an even texture like a baby’s skin with no noticeable pores, marks or visible thread veins against a luminous, even complexion.” Do you agree?


One of our Ideal Vichy products that many of our customers are drawn to for that at-home spa-facial-feel is the Purete Thermale 3-in-1 cleansing solution. This 3-in-1 system is very effective, providing an ultra gentle, refreshing solution that not only removes make-up while soothing irritation, but also utilizing micellar technologies to improve impurities that we all scrutinize. Following the cleanse, the Thermal Spa Water is highly recommended. Thermal Spa Water is a natural solution to enhance the health and quality of your skin by providing 15 beneficial minerals and antioxidants to boost the appearance of healthy skin. Lastly the Vichy Aqualia Thermal Cream is said to be “the perfect hydrating cream” that delivers 24 hour hydration! Vichy Aqualia Thermal Cream offers all day continuous hydration with skin-healthy minerals to strengthen and enhance your skin’s natural functions. This formula leaves skin feeling soft and supple with an increased radiance.

BOTTOM LINE: No matter what your age may be, there is always a way to fool the eyes of others and keep them guessing!! “Trompe l’Oeil,” as the french artist would say!