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Feel the Many Benefits 'Bliss' Can Bring

Everyone wants to achieve that ultimate state of happiness known as bliss. Part of achieving that heightened level into the world of bliss is harmonizing your well-being. For many women, Bliss helps bring that state of complete bliss from inside out with word-class spas and products. With the goal to make every woman feel truly beautiful, healthy, and happy, Bliss has been shaking up the spa world with innovative products that have changed the way the world views spas.

Bliss Spa began in 1996 and is often credited with creating the spa boom in the 1990s. It all began with Marcia Kilgore who was inspired by a college course on skincare at Columbia University. With a desire to help other women feel good in their own sin, she started giving facials to her friends. From there, she opened a small office in Soho in 1991. By 1993, her business expanded to a mini-spa of just three rooms. Cleverly named Let’s Face It!, Kilgore’s spa business took off thanks to the huge demand from New York women who wanted to look and feel their best. Just a few short years later, she opened the doors to the first Bliss Spa. Now Bliss Spa has 21 locations around the world including across the US, Hong Kong, London, and Spain, to name a few.

However, Bliss is completely different from other spas out there. Where the others play muted New Age music, offer flavorless snacks of rice cakes, and emit an atmosphere of hushed stuffiness, Bliss does the complete opposite. It’s that extreme difference in ambience that has turned Bliss into the success it is today. Walk into any Bliss Spa and you’ll find a vibrant environment that helps you feel blissful. It’s colorful and joyous. The music is lively and upbeat. And perhaps best of all, you can treat yourself to the brownie buffet.

While every spa in the world offers a luxuriating experience to indulge your senses and revive you, Bliss seems to truly get it by making spa time more fun and less intimidating. Even manicures have a different feel with the kind of movies every woman can feel good about at every nail station. The names of the products are all cleverly designed to elicit smiles. Instead of face peels and waxes, you’ll find Incredi-peel and Poetic Waxing which add an even more enticing element to the experience at Bliss.

Another unique attribute of Bliss are the estheticians. While world-class spas everywhere employ skilled and knowledgeable experts, Bliss takes it a step further with employees that do more than just pamper your parts. The key difference are the solutions every woman is offered to achieve her most beautiful. It’s not just about using the quality Bliss products. It’s applying them in the right way. Bliss adorably calls this a “blisscription,” a word they’ve coined for the proper protocol for covering oneself in Bliss products.

If getting blissful at Bliss sounds like a dream come true, you’ll need to make an appointment at one of their locations. But what about those of us who are too many miles away from the nearest Bliss Spa? There’s good news! You can still experience Bliss in your own home with their dazzling array of innovative products. Every product has incorporated state-of-the-art technology to bring wonderful transformational benefits from beauty to well-being so you can bring the Bliss to your home. You’ll find Bliss products like cleansers, masks, toners, eye care, lip care, hair removal, body scrubs, body firming and toning, and so much more that you can easily use yourself when you need to find your own inner bliss.

The skincare, bath & body, and hair & makeup products that you can get from Bliss without traveling to the spa itself are all created with earthy ingredients. These basic items from water to clay and salt to fruit coupled with new innovative ingredients and technologies are how Bliss is born. They call it the “science behind the spa” and it delivers results that are as effective as the ones you’d receive at a Bliss spa.

Indeed, the benefits of Bliss are bountiful. It’s about so much more than physical transformation to create a more radiant and firm skin tone or rid the face of lines, wrinkles, pores, and cellulite. It’s about bringing genuine bliss to women everywhere by allowing them to truly relax as they become pampered. It’s this special element of Bliss that gives a more rejuvenated and de-stressed vibe both in the spas and while using the products in the comfort of their own homes.

Bring more bliss into your life with Bliss products. You can order them right here at and enjoy the many blissful benefits for your skin, hair, and overall well-being.