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Winter Makeup Tips

Winter still reins for a few more months before the colors of springtime blossoms begin to show their faces. The days are lengthening, yet the cold temperatures and gloomy weather still make it seem like spring will never arrive. However, just because there may be a lack of color outside, it doesn’t mean that winter is a season to avoid color. With nature’s colors taking a rest, it is the perfect time to play with your makeup coloring, especially to complement a paler face. Additionally, with the right makeup, you can make dull, lifeless winter skin look radiant and beautiful. Although winter’s extreme temperature changes from cold outside to hot inside can wreak havoc on your makeup, there are a few ways to keep your makeup last longer. Below are some makeup tips to keep you looking great all season long.

  • The harsh conditions of winter make your skin blotchy, uneven, dry and flaky. Finding the right skin care regime will sooth your skin, creating the perfect base for your makeup. However, finding the proper foundation is also important, especially to hide any unsightly blemishes or skin problems. Choose a loose powder over a liquid foundation, as loose powder withstands extreme temperature changes better. Plus, loose powder sets makeup, helping your skin look smooth and even. This will help avoid your makeup clumping and emphasizing your dry, flaky skin. Also, make sure your moisturizer is fully absorbed before applying your foundation. Winter’s dry skin makes moisturizer a must, but it can affect your makeup absorption and durability.
  • As your skin naturally begins to pale due to lack of sun during the winter, it creates a prime opportunity to add some color back through makeup. Stay away from pastels, especially if you are already fair skinned, as they make you look more ashen. For your rouge and blush, choose pinks and reds. Match the color your own skin turns when you flush or exercise to make it look natural. Additionally, apply your blush and concealer first, then put your foundation over it to create a natural looking flush. Avoid cream blush as it contains Vaseline derivatives, which do not withstand cold temperatures well.
  • Adding color to your lips will automatically make your cheeks look naturally flushed and add sparkle to your eyes. Winter is a great time for deep, dark cherry lips, which also make your teeth look whiter in contrast. Redheads and those with yellow undertones should choose a more coral pink to match your coloring. For the more daring, winter is a prime time to play with bright, red lipstick. Just be sure to balance your eye makeup and lips. If you choose super sharp coloring on your lips, go lighter on your eyes and vice versa. The best type of lipstick is one that contains beeswax, as it will withstand drastic temperature changes best.
  • For your eyes, jewel tones and dark and earthy colors are perfect winter hues. These colors will both add some spunk to your look while also making your eyes pop. By adding color to your eyes, not only will your eyes pop, but it will also make the rest of your skin look less pale and washed. Winter is the perfect time to play with color eyeliner to add even more color. Navy is perfect for blue eyes, plum makes green eyes pop, and hazel and brown eyes can use any color. Like with your blush, avoid any eyeshadows containing Vaseline, as they will not withstand the temperature changes.
  • Winter is also a perfect time for shimmering colors. Silver, golds, white, and other metallics are perfect, including hues with a metallic finish like frosty pinks, icy blues, or pale violets. Shimmering metallics match the icy look outside while giving your skin a glow. For lighter skin tones, a sheer application of just pearly silver is best. Darker complexions can play with stronger, more metallic colors. Finish the look with a deep mascara to bring balance and make your eyes pop. Use a soft blush to add a bit of color to your cheeks. A nice, glossy lip-gloss will give this look an even, shimmery appeal all over. You will look like you just came inside from the snow, while also being ready for any winter party.