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Natural Alternatives to Botox

Age is beauty and wisdom. Therefore, wrinkles and laugh lines should be cherished and seen as marks of beauty, of a life truly lived. However, in an ever increasingly ageist world, more and more people want to stop the natural aging process, making Botox and face-lifts a popular trend. These dangerous procedures have many downsides, so are they truly worth the risk? Besides health risks and extreme side effects, a common side effect is that you lose your skin’s elasticity that allows for fac
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Demystifying Skin Care

Cosmeceuticals are the new kids on the Dermatological block and boy have they made an impact! Hybrids of cosmetics and drugs (pharmacologicals), cosmeceuticals are intended to enhance the health and beauty of skin – and they do.. The very concept of the cosmeceutical was developed by Dr. Albert Klingman who stated that “The Cosmeceuticals are topical agents that are distributed across a broad spectrum of materials lying somewhere between pure cosmetics (lipstick and rouge) and pure drugs (penici
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